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The Runaway

March 17, 2022
By kiyah-06, Albion, Michigan
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kiyah-06, Albion, Michigan
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Brit had been getting bullied at her new school Baltimore High because she was a rich, perfect girl. On top of that, she had just lost her grandmother 6 months ago. You would think Brit wouldnt be the person to get bullied. She had long jet black hair, light skin, hazel eyes with glasses, The perfect teeth everybody wants, and the nicest person everybody would want to be friends with. There was a reason they bullied her and it was her height. She was a 5’8 freshman. She had been thinking about running away because her parents never helped. She told them the kids at her new school were bullying her and they'd just give her money and tell her to go shopping. On the last day of school, she started to think about running away so she planned her runaway in her notebook. She planned: to eat dinner and chill in her room until everyone was asleep and go off to their abandoned cabin in the woods. Once she got home she ate and went up into her room and began to write a note for her parents to find and read.

 “I'm sorry but I had to, I'd been getting bullied as you know and I couldn't take it anymore you guys wouldnt help me, I'm not dead, I'm alive and never coming back. Mom, Dad, Nick…I love you but you wouldn't listen, Nobody would. ~ Love Brit. 

Around 9:30 everyone was sound asleep. Brit got up and peeked in the rooms to see if everyone was asleep. She packed clothes, and food and around 11:00 she creeped out her living room window. She  sprinted down the sidewalk to get far from the house and strolled the rest of the way to the abandoned cabin. After 20 minutes of walking, she ended up in the creepy dark woods. To get to the cabin she had to walk through the woods and she did just that. She began to hear noises but she ignored them because she thought it was the crunch of leaves or animals she got to thinking about changing her mind and turning around and going back home because of the signs she began to see. 


But she ignored them and countied walking to the cabin. When she arrived at the cabin and opened the old squeaky door and dropped her bags. Brit started nervously breathing when she heard a thump from metal hit the ground on the bathroom floor. Brit began to scroll through TikTok until she felt someone lightly breathing on her neck, she turned around and felt a hit in the head. She woke back up a few minutes later with a pounding heartbeat in her head and all tied. Her tears were like a river flowing down her cheeks. “Shhhhhhh '' the man whispered “Don't cry I won't hurt you unless” he was cut off by Brit's loud shrieking scream and he hit her in the head to knock her out again. Meanwhile, Brit's phone was ringing off the hook nonstop, She began to get many text messages from her mom 

“Where are you” “HELLO ANSWER THE PHONE BRIT” “we are coming to look for you and were putting out a search warrant”.....“They said i'd have to wait 24 hours so guess me and dad will take it into our own matter of hands'' 

Brit woke up from the vibration of her phone and noticed the man wasn't there and she wasn't tied up too tight. She slipped her hands out very slowly, took the tape off her mouth, and crawled towards the bathroom where there was a lock on the door. She stood up and heard the front door close.

She locked the door and sat in front of it and cried wishing she would have just stayed home and never ran away. After a minute she remembered her phone was in her back pocket she pulled it out and text her mom and dad 

“Mom I'm sorry I ran away I want you to know I love you guys more than anything, I came to our old family cabin and now I don't think I can make it back home but when you get this please send HELP” Her text didn't deliver. 

“BANG, BANG, BANG” the man began to bang on the door to scare her even more than she already was. She began to shake like a rattlesnake. “Who are you?” she whispered. With hesitation “I'm Ben-Jewel you know me I know you remember me” She began to think of a ben-Jewell “You're the one who bullied me before you got expelled” She whispered. “Open the door Brit” he yelled. Brit stood up and started thinking to herself how she would get home without dying. Brit opened the door nervously but he wasn't there. She stood there and heard the trigger of a gun click and slammed the door and locked it again. “BOOM” he shot a hole in the door Brit got in the tub and laid in the shower and tucked herself to protect herself away from the bullets. “Open up brit NOW.”  After a few minutes went by it went quiet, so Brit got out of the bathtub and tried to open the door as quietly as possible. She walked to the front door and out of nowhere Ben-jewl knocked her down. All at once he pinned her down on the floor and put the gun to her head and told her if she tried to leave again he would kill her. She began to laugh in his face but cry all at once. He got up and she sat up and scooched back. She tried to get up but he wouldn't move. “BUZZZZ” her phone began to go off with messages from her mom. Suddenly she began to think that her message had gone through. Ben-jewl snatched her phone from her pocket “OPEN IT NOW” Brit just sat there a stared at him she started to plan how she would get away in her head she would wait till he isn't watching or turn around and kick his knee pit, get up and run out the back door and go from there if she makes it. She cried and cried while he stood there asking questions. 

Ben-jewl noticed that the front door was unlocked but it was across the room “Stay here don't move '' Ben-jewl walked over towards the front door and Brit fastly crawled to the back door which wasn't that far. Once she got outside she ran to the closest tree and hid behind them because she heard Ben-jewl yell her name “BRIT” “WHERE ARE YOU”. Ben-jewl started to walk towards the tree Brit was behind so she ran as fast as she could. “BANG” Brit fell to the ground. Brit had been shot in the right side of her leg. She tried her best to crawl away but Ben-jewl took her long jet black hair wrapped it around his hand twice so she could go anywhere he took his left leg and put it on her right leg and twisted his foot deeper and deeper into the bullet wound. “AHHHH HELP, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME” Brit screamed  Brit didn't notice she was all the way deep in the woods; nobody could hear her. Ben-jewl thought he heard something and looked back and Brit kicked him in his knee cap “Crack”. Ben-jewl dropped brits phones  Brit got up picked it up and ran away although she was limping herself away.

After a while of limping away, she found herself lost in the woods, everything began to get blurry and Brit got dizzy. “I'm not giving up this time I'm gonna make my home”. She began to feel for her phone but it wasn't there anymore. She turned around and dropped down to her knees and started to feel for her phone “Buzz Buzz Buzz” “I feel it” she stood back up and limped her way out the woods. “BRIT…YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!”. Brit got behind a bush she started to shake even more than she was. Brit's phone started to loudly ringing

 “hey, mom…I'm not okay please send help..” brit whispered

 “What I can't hear you…Brit where are you” brit mom yelled 

“Mom I'm in the woods where our abandoned family cabin is send help”

“What about a cabin? WHERE ARE YOU”

“I said I'm where our old abandoned cabin is I need help I have been shot”

“Ok I can hear you now you were breaking up i'm coming to get you brit”

“Ok, mom please hurr….” “Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” the phone disconnected and Brit had been hit in the head again but with a rock and it knocked her out. After a while she began to wake back up but she was still outside and Ben-jewl was nowhere to be found. She stood up, rubbed her face and head and limped away. She ended up on the street and called her mom. There was no answer. She began to cry and regret leaving home and she started talking to herself 

“Only if I would have stayed home, what if this is all a dream, would I be in my bed sleeping right now, I don't know my way home…. Brit wondered where ben-jewl went after he knocked her out. Maybe he felt bad and just left her alone…We will never know.



The car pulled over and asked Brit if she knew where she was going or if she needed a ride to the hospital. But brit just wanted to be home “Address?” the driver asked, “ 123abc S elm st” brit told the driver. She arrived at home and limped to the door “Knock knock knock” but no one was home so brit sat on the porch she found an old sheet that sat on their chair and ripped it and wrapped it around her leg up and waited on the porch for her mom and dad to show back up if they would in those woods. Brit layed down and felt herself getting dizzy from all the blood she was losing and she passed out. About 20 minutes later Brit saw a bright light through her closed eyelids so she got up scooched and hid behind the chair. 

“Why do you think brit ran? '' a voice whisped. Brit stood up and ran to her mom for a hug as she yelled “MOM?”

“BRIT’S IS HOME!” Her mom yelled. 


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