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Cursed amusement park

August 23, 2022
By Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
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Ruby66yugai BRONZE, 上海, Other
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Author's note:

It was a dream I had once had, and I wanted to repeat it and add my own reflections

Location: X County

Quote: everyone is destined to be extraordinary


Today is the annual summer camp. The school organizes all students to go to an amusement park to relax and issues graduation certificates to grade 9. On the bus, the students were chirping, but the teacher also played with his mobile phone without caring about them.At the time of awarding the prize, the teacher had disbanded the group of students in grades six, seven, or eight.

Aggie, Jann, and Lili are both eighth-grade students and also are close friends, so they decided to go to the mall together. The three people looked at each other for a while and smiled self-consciously, then quickly ran into a E-game center. After playing for about two hours, they decided to go outside and have a break to relax their eyes. Something worth mentioning is that Jann still hold some dolls which she had just caught.

But as soon as they walked out, the originally sunny sky suddenly became gray and very gloomy. The crowd on the street and the children on the game console also disappeared.

"What's going on?" Aggie wiped his eyes in doubt, "That's so weird! "

"OMG," Lili patted her and stammered, "what hell is that... those staffs..? What's the matter with them?"

Aggie looked in the direction Alice's finger was pointing, and found that the staff who had been standing on both sides of the mall door laughing so scary, and raised their hands like zombies at some time. They also staring at the front with empty eyes. Plus, at that time, only a few scruffy street lights flashed on somehow. Noisy shopping malls have also been quiet in a second, and the originally brightly lit shops have also become dark cyan.

"My God..." Jann muttered, "what the hell... Won't they get any disease?"

As he spoke, two red eyes flashed through the darkness. Aggie glanced over. "A robot? Don't worry about. It looks like it's going to rain. Let's get out of here and find our teacher..."

But the robot, flashing red, was hurtling toward them. Obviously, this is not a normal tourist treat.

When the robot raises its two robotic hands, Lili realizes something is not quite right, so she quickly grabs Aggie and Jann and rushes out.

"Don't go... Give it back..." The robot made a noise like rusty steel and blocked their way back to the mall. Aggie was shocked. "What is that? What shall we give it back?"

"How do I know!" Jann shouted, "Do we offended it?"

Aggie suddenly found that the eyes of several dolls in Jann's hands also turned red and shouted, "Jann! Throw the doll away! "

"Why? I spent more than 20 dollars to catch it. Why should I listen to you! no, no!"

"Its eyes turn red! Maybe this is what the robot wants. " Lili interposed, "maybe there's a curse... I'm... Afraid..."

"Yes! Throw it away quickly! " Aggie was in a hurry, "quick!"

"No, ok? Why you two so timid?" Jann said firmly, "It want this doll? Are you kidding me? If I give to it, do you compensate me for more than 20 dollars? "

Seeing that the robot was about to catch up, Aggie didn't have time to quarrel with Jann, "OK, OK, you take it, please run first, and Lili led the way."

"I'm not familiar with here!!! there is a red light ahead!! " Lili panted.

"Turn at the crossroads and go here!" Aggie said, "we'll just get rid of it!"

"Ah! wait a minute! I lost my doll!! "

"That's great! Hurry up!" Lili said, holding Jann's hand to keep her from breaking free.

They ran forward until they came to a crossroads. The sky gradually cleared up, and the robot didn't seem to follow. However, it was quiet around. A black car drove over to Aggie. A man in a black cloak lowered his voice and quietly said to her, "don't be here... You will die..."


"What? Will die?! Hello! Hello! Make it clear!! "

"Unless you wear a unique kind of clothes..." watching the car drive farther and farther, Aggie was confused, and Jann and Lili also caught up, "what's the matter?"


"I don't know... We can't be here..."


"You need to find some unique clothes..."

"What clothes?"

"He left without saying." Aggie looked around. "We have to find that kind of clothes quickly."

At this time, a group of people with Fox, hound, and cat masks and red, blue, and green striped clothes came slowly along the other side of the intersection.


"It should be them!" Aggie exclaimed and ran over immediately.


As soon as Aggie got into the crowd, somebody handed a cloak to her. Before she could say thank to that guy, the person had already disappeared.


"Hey, where is the road? Is here still an amusement park? " Aggie patted a man with a fox mask in the population, but there was no response.


After Jann and Lili also got into their cloaks, Aggie didn't ask too much and walked along the flow of people.


"Why are there no amusement faculties here?" Aggie confused.

"Here is not in the park anymore, is it?" Jann replied, "Then we have to go back!"

"No way! Someone said you'd die there!"

"I don't care die early or die late! Whatever!" "Jann said casually." And I just want to die with my classmates!"

"You...pass me off! We won't die. " Aggie was frightened by Jann's last sentence and shouted angrily.


"Eh? Where's Lili? " Jann looked back and found that Lili had disappeared.

"Didn't she follow you?!"

"She was just here! Why did it disappear all at once? "

"Well, I think we should to go back this time. Hurry! "

"Call her first." Jann took out his cell phone, but he couldn't get through.

"There is no wifi here..."

At this time, the low male voice echoed in Aggie's ear again: "one of the three children passed away, and there are still two..."

Aggie was startled, "Hey... hey! Did you... hear anything? "

"Nope." Jann said seriously, "what's the matter?"

"The man spoke again..."


"The man in black in the car."

"Say what?"

"He said that one of the three people died and there were two left."

"What?? Isn't that us?"

"I hope not, I can't bear this anymore, we have to find Lili right away, or the consequences will be unimaginable."

The two of them walked in the opposite direction of the crowd and finally saw the true face of the street. That is, ordinary streets, a row of low houses, with many withered willow branches hanging next to them, and a lot of moss and weeds growing on the stone steps, emitting a strange smell. 


But the strangest thing was that beside every door of houses, there was a woman and a child brushing a big dog. They brushed and brushed as if they were not tired, but there was not any male in the room. They don't seem to care about the outsiders, either. There were only large dogs staring at Aggie and Jann, those dogs eyes are dark red.


"Why are even the dog's eyes red? Tell me it's not a Blocked Curse! " Aggie questioned.

"Yeah, I agree... Possible." Jann also began to be afraid, "why don't we go to the end of the way?"


"OK... We won't fall into the zombie cave, will we?"

"Your imagination is so rich. Haha. " Jann gave a few rueful smiles, but when she saw something on the ground, the smile instantly disappeared.


"This is not Lili's mobile phone?" They both looked at each other at the same time. "That's terrible!"

"Open it quickly." 

Jann pick the phone up. "Password?"

"Her birthday."

When it was opened, the memo jumped out with a line of words on it:

"This is Lili's message," Jann said.

"It must be. She also let us run quickly. She must met some danger." Aggie stared at the note. "Did you notice something seems too weird?"

"I see, what is wd means? 05:21? It's only 1:00 pm now! "

"Wait a minute... This seems to be the opposite side."

"Eh..." Jann turned his cell phone over and read out "101x5, 12:50 pm, what does it mean?"


"omg, I understand... she's asking us for help! 101 multiply 5 equals 505, which is equivalent to SOS. SOS is the universal distress signal in the world. PM means afternoon... That is the time she was attacked by sth. Did Lili get lost 10 minutes ago? there's still time. Hurry! " Aggie frowned.


When they came to the end of the street, they were pleasantly surprised to find a large village. The day also brightened, with bursts of fragrance floating from a distance, and wisps of smoke rising from the roof.


Aggie sniffed, "Lili, I'm afraid she didn't come here to steal food? We haven't had lunch yet. "


"How can..." before Jann finished speaking, she suddenly felt a cold hand on her shoulder, "who... Who... You..."

"Hey, it's me." Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded.


"What's the matter with you?!" Jann and Aggie turned around and shouted.

"I... accidentally lost..." Lili lowered her head.

"You also know to leave us a scary message! We are so worried about you!" Jann waved the cell phone in his hand.

"Ah... Oh, i... yes, I'm sorry to worry you." Lili said, "I will follow your guys next time."

"OK! OK! Just come back," Jann said impatiently.


But Aggie felt a little wrong and quietly say sth with Jann, "there's something wrong with Lili. Why she used to be different? "

"What different!" Jann didn't care.

"Keep your voice down!" Aggie gave Lili a glance, but found that her eyes had also turned red.

"Hmm?" Aggie blinked again but Lili's eyes turned black again at time. “That's so strange."

But they didn't find that Lili behind them showed a strange smile, "Interesting..."

"Why don't we go to the house over there?" Lili suggested.

"OK, by the way, see if someone can give us anything to eat," Jann responded immediately.

"All right." Aggie hung his head and walked slowly behind Lili and Jann.

Although the village is large, it is very quiet. I didn't see a person after walking for 1 kilometer,

"But how can there be fragrance?" Aggie said to herself.

"Hey, how is the road here bumpy?" Jann patted Lili, "where are you going?"

"I just picked up a map. It seems to say that we can go on the road outside after walking through this village. " Lili answered.

"Is this an amusement park? How did it all become a village? " Asked Aggie.

"Yes, this is the staff residence behind the amusement park." Lili turned her head and smiled.

"But what are your red eyes and curses?" Aggie demanded.

"Ohh, isn't it the dog and the broken robot we dumped..." Jann interrupted Lili, who was preparing to answer. Lili listened and nodded. Aggie glanced at Jann with a complaint, which was all seen by Lili.


"ops! What! " Jann, walking in the middle of the road, suddenly fell. Aggie squatted down and saw that it was a tombstone. Jann tripped out a large section. Looking around, there were many blue and black tombstones with a little corner exposed in the road ahead.

"LiLi... Is this really an amusement park...?"

"Yes..." Lili's face is still smiling, "let's go to the front room and have a rest... I'm a little tired."

"Then these tombstones..."

"Oh, maybe this used to be a cemetery."

Aggie's suspicion of Lili deepened, and then approached Jann and said to her, "Lili's eyes just seem to have turned red. Isn't she cursed?"

"Ah?" Jann looked incredulous, "when? You won't be dazzled? "

"Alas, maybe..."

"Come on, follow her, it shouldn't be so abnormal..."

But the deeper they go, the clearer they can hear a trace of a baby crying,


"Lili?" No response.

After a long time, "here it is." said Lili

"Where is this?" Jann looked at the building similar to the ancient temple in front of him, "how can there be such a thing in the amusement park?"

"There should be food in it." Lili didn't look back.

"How do you know?"

"I guess"

Creak - ! The door opens. What came into view were the images of four demons, ferocious and evil. The arms of the gods were covered with dense spider webs, emitting bursts of musty smell. There is a stove in the middle of the temple, which seems to be cooking some green viscous liquid.


The temple has three or four floors and hundreds of rooms, but a red eye is impressively carved on a pillar hanging from the roof! There are many people's faces around red eyes.


"Run!" Aggie reacted suddenly and gave Jann a quick push.

"No time..." at this time, Lili's face suddenly became ferocious, blocking their way, and finally quickly faded a layer of human skin, revealing a transparent body, while the real Lili lay motionless on the ground.


Jann retreated slowly and even almost fell: "you... Who are you!"! What did you... Do to Lili?! "

"Oh, are you worried about your friends when you are dying?" The transparent man made a harsh sound, "she's fine. She'll wake up naturally in a moment. I just borrowed her body for a while... But you..."

"Don't come here!" Aggie shouted, "what are you doing!"

"You broke into my territory... And asked me what I wanted to do? Don't you know this is Chen's cemetery? I'm the guardian Soul here. Those who disturb our rest will end up badly... "

"Chen's cemetery..." Aggie suddenly recalled, "isn't this a forbidden area sealed ten years ago... The legendary evil place, as long as you come here, no one can get out alive. My grandpa disappeared here... "


"I remember that a month ago there was a story in the news about a merchant named Jay who bought a forbidden place from a shady dealer and made it into a playground. No one who lived around would play there. And accidents happen all the time, like falling off a ferris wheel or being thrown off a roller coaster... But at that time, the police were not strict and the small county was not very popular, so all policemen  thought they died of their own cause."

"How can it be? It's because the ghosts of my brothers are doing mischief Hahahahahaha. We also have to let them taste the pain of being disturbed... "The transparent man laughed horribly.

"Are you... A ghost...?"

"Haha, you guessed right, but people who know my identity cannot to go out any more!!"

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