November 26, 2011
By GRRRRR, Norcross, Georgia
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GRRRRR, Norcross, Georgia
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“5,4,3,2,1, Ready or not hear I come!” A group of teenagers were out playing hide in seek in the woods. They were out camping killing time waiting until midnight. They were waiting until midnight because they herd about a urban legend. The Legend told that a little girl would rise from the dead after midnight and roam the forest looking for a human prey to feed upon.

“Ha I found you, Rosie,” Robert shouted.

“Ugh I always lose!” complained Rosie.

“Well now that you lost, come help me look for the others,” Robert said.

“No you do it your self, I'm leaving,” said Rosie.

“Alright but you better not get lost then because I'm not going to look or you!” stated Robert.

“You act like I'm five. I can take care of myself!” said Rosie.

Time passed quickly, as they were busy playing hide-and-seek, and it got closer and closer to midnight. Finally Naya got tiered of hiding and got a bit scared seance it was getting dark.

“Oh my gosh, I'm tired of hiding!” confessed Naya. “PST Adrian lets go sneak up on Robert and scare him,” Naya said.

“Alright lets go,” whispered Adrian.

They searched for Robert wondering where he could possibly be. Finally they saw him and hid behind a tree several feet away. They saw Robert sitting beside there tent with Rosie.

“Isn’t that our tent?” asked Naya.

“Yeah, I thought he was supposed to be looking for us!” complained Adrian.

“Hey Robert-” Naya started to shout.

“Waite. Be quiet for a moment,” Adrian interrupted. “You here that?”

“Here what? I don’t here anything,” Naya said.

“Its a child’s laughter,” Adrian explained. “you have to be quiet though, to be able to here it.”

“Oh I here it,” said Naya. “Do you think some kid is lost?”
As Naya waited for a response she herd the crunching of leaves and sticks as if someone was walking toward them.

“Whats that?” Naya mumbled.

“I don’t know,” Adrian whispered.
The cracking of sticks got closer and closer and Naya and Adrian got more and more afraid of what was coming. But what they did not know was that what they were about to witness would be a terrifying view of a young girl. The girl got closer and closer and finally they saw her.

“Ah!” screamed Naya in shock. She stayed frozen in full terror.

“Run girl run don’t just stand there,” Adrian shouted as he pulled Naya by her arm.
They ran as fast as there legs could take them and finally reached Robert and Rosie.

“Hey whats up with y'all?” Rosie asked.

“Yeah it looks like you saw a ghost or something.” Robert explained.

“There was a girl she had deep dark eyes, the palest face, and the reddest blood you would ever see,” said Naya in a trembling voice.

“Girl quit playing!” Rosie interjected.

“I'm not playing! I really saw her, this isn't a game! Tell them Adrian, tell them you saw her!” Naya shouted.

Everybody faced Adrian and waited for his response.

“There was no girl Naya,” he said as his eyes lowered and faced the ground.“You were just seeing things.” He lied. Adrian was upset for lying but he didn’t want to ruin the fun and excitement waiting, or he thought.

“No! You know you saw her!” as tears flooded her eyes. “Stop lying.” she begged.

“OK, OK, just chill. Everything going to be just fine.” proclaimed Robert. “We'll only be here for a while longer. OK?”

Trying to sound brave Naya said “OK”. So she stayed in the car while the others made a fire and huddled around it.

Before long it was 12:00, the night was dark, darker than usual, it was cool and quiet. Rosie, Adrian, and Robert were waiting for something to happen and suddenly they saw a dim red light glowing not far from were they where. They decide to check it out, and as they got closer the saw her.

“Aah!” Rosie screamed in terror of the horrifying sight.

“Naya was right,” Robert whimpered.

“Lets get out of here. NOW!” shouted Adrian.

They ran as fast as they could towards the car, hoped in but it wouldn’t turn on. They tried and tried getting it to turn on but that car wasn't going to go anywhere. They were so scared not knowing what to do and just stayed locked up inside the car. The red light got closer and they could see the girls horrid face.
“I’m not just going to stay in here and wait to see whats going to happen. I'm going to go out there and fight the thing,” Robert proclaimed.
“No Robert! What if you get hurt?” Naya protested.
“Everything’s going to be fine. Trust me,” Robert assured.
Robert got out of the car picked up a big stick and ran towards the girl. He started trembling as he got closer to her and when he was only a few feet away from her he threw the stick right at her face waiting for her to fall back. But she didn't she just started walking faster towards him and he got so frightened that his legs bailed on him and he fell to the ground.
“No, Robert get up, get up!” Rosie shouted from the car.
“I...I'm sorry,” mumbled Robert.
They where to afraid to get out and help him so they watched the girl pull Robert into the darkness of the forest.
“Run, Run!” Robert shouted as he was being dragged into the dark woods.“We have to go now!” Adrian said.
“No, we have to go help Robert. We can't just leave him out here, who knows what that thing will do to him!” Naya pleaded.
“Exactly who knows what it will do to us!” Adrian shouted back.
“Come on this isn't the time to be fighting. We have to go now!” Rosie protested

They got out of the car and started running.
“Wait,” Naya said.
“Come on we don't have time for this.” Adrian shouted.
“We need flashlights!” Naya protested.
Naya returned with flashlights and they were off running from the thing that was possibly chasing after them. They ran for what seemed to be two or three miles and finally came across a house. It was a small house two stories tall. It looked old, dark and creepy but it was the only shelter they'd seen sense their campsite. All the lights where off but they had hope they would find help and hopefully somewhere to spend the night. They walked up to the house and knocked on the door. No answer. They knocked again and still no answer. They looked through the window and inside it seemed old and abandoned. They tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. Adrian kicked it down and it fell straight to the floor. Inside it looked old and dusty, the furniture was still there but everything looked years old. They wondered around the house checking the place out. They found food in the cabinets but it was old and was already moldy. You could hear rats scratching the walls with their little nails. They decided to look up stairs to see if it was much cleaner. You could hear the creaking sound as they walked carefully up the steps careful not to put to much pressure on the old wooden steps. Up stairs there was two bed rooms a bathroom and the attic. They checked out the bedrooms but there were no beds and there were cob webs all over the place. No one would dare go up to the attic not wanting to be up there alone in the dark. They wondered around with full curiosity but decided to stay downstairs. They went back downstairs and sat down on the floor near the door.
“What are we going to do?” cried Rosie.
“We need to get out of the woods, that’s for sure.” said Adrian.
“Then why are we just sitting here? We need to leave, that thing knows we’re out here and I’m sure its going to try and get us.” protested Naya.
“Your right we should-” Adrian siad.
“She's coming!” interrupted Rosie.
“Hide” whispered Naya.
Naya and Rosie hid in the kitchen while Adrian was making his way up stairs. The zombie girl spotted Naya and Rosie.
“She's going towards y’all! Run!” Adrian shouted.
Suddenly the girl turned around and started walking up towards him.
“Oh no,” Adrian murmured
“Adrian Hide,” Naya said.
“No you guys run, run and get help. I'll hold up as long as I can. Go!” Adrian shouted.
“No you're not leaving you! I'm not going to loose you like we lost Robert,” cried Rosie.
“Just save yourselves,” Adrian demanded.
Naya garbed Rosie by her wrist and said, “Come on Rosie.”
Rosie let herself be pulled out the house and she could feel the hot tears pouring down her face as they ran looking a way out of the woods.

They ran away looking to find a road and finally they found one. They walked along the side hoping for a car to pass by they were truly frightened, and were extremely cautious looking out for the girl. After a while they saw a car parked beside the road.
“Look a car!” Rosie said in relieve.
“Come on lets go before they leave,” Naya said.
They jogged towards the car and as they got closer they saw someone sitting on the hood of the car with her back faceing them.
“Hey!” Naya shouted
“Can you give us a ride ?” asked Rosie
The lady turned around and looked at them. “Sure,” she said.
They were relieved to finally find some help but as they walked towards the car they saw the girl coming up towards the lady.
“Hey look out she behind you!” shouted Rosie
“Huh? What are you talking about?” the lady said.
“She's going to get-” Naya got interrupted by a loud cry of terror.
They watched as the lady was dragged into the dark woods and heard loud cries of pain.
“Oh no not again,” Rosie moaned.
“Hurry lets get in the car and leave,” Naya said as they rapidly ran towards the car.
Naya got in the drivers seat and turned the car on.
“Wait I'm stuck! Help Naya!” Rosie cried in terror.
Naya crossed over to the passenger seat and examined Rosie's foot.
“I think its a vine,” explained Naya.
“Hurry get it off before she returns!” demanded Rosie.
“OK, OK I'm trying!” cried Naya.
Suddenly the girl returned walking quickly towards them.
“Come on Naya HURRY!” Rosie cried
Naya pulled and pulled but it wouldn't budge.
“Rosie help me! Come on pull!” Naya cried.
They pulled and pulled but nothing. The girl got closer and closer and was almost in reach to grab Rosie.
“Hurry! Hurry pull harder we're going to get you out of here!” shouted Naya
But the girl finally garbed Rosie by her hair and pulled.
“Rosie grab my hand” Naya said.
Rosie reached out and grabbed Naya's hand and said,“Don’t let me go Naya. Please,” Rosie pleaded.
Their grip could not be compared to the horrible girl that was craving for human flesh.
“No Rosie! No!” Naya shouted as Rosie's hand slipped her's.
“I love you you were always like a sister to me Naya but you have to go. Leave Now!” Rosie demanded.
“No I'm not going to loose you too!” cried Naya.
“Goodbye,” Rosie whispered as she was being dragged into the woods.

Naya looked away not being able to resist the fact that she lost all her friends in an awful night. She cried and was lost in her train of thought but suddenly she came back to earth and quickly left, fearing she wouldn’t survive and be murdered as well. She sped towards the city and finally arrived at the police station.
She went inside and a police man approached her, “Can I help you young lady?” he said kindly.
“She looked up with eyes filled with tears and said, “My friends were murdered in the woods by a girl. A ghost,” she sobbed.
“Look we don’t have any time for pranks, cops are very busy now a days.”
“I'm not lying. This is no prank my friends were truly murdered and you want to say this is a prank!” denounced Naya.
“OK come, follow me we'll have to ask you some questions,” the officer said.
Naya kept silent and followed the officer into the sheriffs office.
“Hello miss is there a problem” said the sheriff looking up a the cop.
“She claims to have had her friends murdered by a ghost,” the cop chuckled slightly.
“This is no funny its true! It killed all my friends,” Naya chocked.
“Hm, so you say all your friends were killed, am I right?” the sheriff said.
“Yes,” Naya cried.
“Whats your name?” the sheriff asked.
“Naya,” she said.
“What are your friends names?” he asked.
“Robert, Adrian, and..” Naya trailed off thinking about Rosie 'I love you' she could still hear Rosie's voice.
“And Rosie,” she cried.
“OK I’m going to need your guardian or parent to come pick you up because you wont be driving in these conditions,” the sheriff sighed as he thought her to be crazy.
“You don’t believe me do you?” Naya questioned.
“Yes yes we do,” he said with a slight smile on his face. “But we wouldn’t want you to get in a car crash because look at you, your eyes are red and you look very tired.
She wasn't convinced but she agreed it wasn't safe for her to drive while her head was flooded with millions of thoughts. She gave them her mothers number and in a short time they picked her up.
“Whats wrong dear? What happened?” Her mother asked her.
“Mom it was terrible, this ghost girl killed my friends. And these police men that are supposed to be here to help me don't even believe me!” she cried as she hugged her mother and drowned her eyes in tears.
“What friends dear?” her mother asked.
“Robert, Rosie and Adrian,” she choked.
“I thought you went out with Tasha and Paul,” her mother looked confused.
“Mom they went to our house to pick me up you said Hi to them and everything. How can you no remember?” Naya asked in shock.
“Well I think we heard enough,” said the sheriff.
“Mom! Not you too!” Naya begged.
“Naya, dear it's OK.” You probably bumped your head somewhere.
“No you cant do this to me! Three of my friends were just murdered and all of you want to call me a liar?” Naya shouted.
“Well your mom doesn’t seem to know about any Rosie or Adrian so there’s no proof you'll just have to leave now,” the sheriff said.
Naya got up a left with her mother. In the car she wouldn’t stop sobbing and her face was wet with tears. They arrived home and Naya went straight to bed. That night she had the most horrifying nightmares, she was tossing in turning and constantly waking up screaming in the middle of the night. Hour after hour she would get up and her mother would have to go calm her down and put her back to bed.

Months later it was always the same routine. She woke up in the morning got ready for school, when she gets to school she sat through every single class starring off into space thinking about the horrifying day when her best friends got killed. Sometimes she would cry out of no where in the middle of class and everybody would stare at her. She would hardly eat and sleep. She looked pale with big purple bags under her eyes, and she was extremely fragile now that she hardly eat. Finally about two months later her mother couldn’t take it anymore.
“Look darling you're going to have to go away for some time,” she said
“ Why mother?” Naya asked.
“Naya don’t pretended you don’t know!” shouted her mother frustrated. “You don’t do anything at school, your grades are horrible. You used to be a straight A student, what happened?” her mother asked with tears starting to fill her eyes.
Naya kept silent.
“You don’t sleep, don’t eat, and you don’t go out with your friends anymore. In fact I’m pretty sure you don’t have any friends at all. Also you look terrible! What happened to my sweet, adorable, intelligent little girl? She just suddenly disappeared.” her mother was devastated at the condition Naya was in and she couldn’t help get it all out. She cried and cried as well did Naya.
“Mom you think I’m crazy?” cried Naya.
“Well I don’t know what else to call it. I’m sorry Naya but you are in a serious condition and you need help. I love you darling.” her mother said as she got up to hug Naya.
“No mother you don’t love me,” Naya said as she pushed her mother away. “ If you truly loved me you would believe me and support me.” she said with her eyes pouring with hot tears.
“Naya dear you have to understand,” her mother reasoned.
“ I do understand, I understand perfectly clear. This is what I understand , I understand that my friends where killed and you want to act like you never met them and I understand that you take me for crazy.” Naya sobbed.
“I'm sorry dear but I’m just trying to give you the best.”
Her mother took her to a Psychiatric hospital were she hoped it would be best for Naya. They put her in a rubber room so she wouldn’t try suicide because they thought she was suicidal when she tried stabbing herself with a plastic fork during lunch time. She spent years of restless nightmares and she soon thought she would here the girl calling her name and she would see the girl walking up the hallways and sometimes she would see her sitting on the corner of her bed grinning saying “You're next!”. She spent her whole life there thinking of her mother and how she betrayed her, thinking of her long lost friends, and also thinking of the girl.

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