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A Wall as Weapon MAG

By Anonymous

     So often today we hear about Iraq and President Bush's failure to find the WMDs he said were being stockpiled there, but there is one WMD that is clearly visible and never mentioned: the West Bank wall.

The Bush Administration has made it clear that they plan on going after terrorists who hate and will attack America. First, we were led into a war in Afghanistan and then, against almost the entire world's objections, Bush was able to deceive the American people and launch a war against Iraq as part of our "war on terror."

As Ralph Nader and others have said, the Iraq war "seriously undermined the war on stateless terror." If Bush is so interested in ridding the world of terror, he should condemn the West Bank wall. It is disgusting when you think that America supports a country that has built a wall twice as high and three times as long as the Berlin Wall. By allowing this, George W. Bush has helped Israel steal 13% of the land promised to the Palestinians in 1967 and isolated many from their jobs, schools, work and medical care.

It is unacceptable that the American president has launched into a war based upon a platform of fabrications while shunning an atrocity like the West Bank wall. He repeatedly stated that Iraq broke U.N. resolutions requiring it to disarm. While that is true, Mr. Bush never mentioned that Israel has broken far more resolutions, but the United States refuses to slap sanctions on Israel, while we imposed sanctions on Iraq for years and made it the reason for all those Iraqi deaths.

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