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Powerful Times MAG

By Anonymous

     The call of angry voices,
demanding that our troops,
our brothers, cousins,
neighbors, friends
and fellow Americans alike,
come home to us
and end this war,
so mothers no longer have to dread
hearing their children's names
rattled off on a death count,
just another name
among the others
that are lost each day
during a fight
that thousands in our nation
think never should have begun.
Our nation is in a time of turmoil,
one that rivals Vietnam,
and we have a duty
as Americans,
as human beings,
not to let it pass us by idly.
We can't close our eyes,
and ignore a time as powerful
and life-altering as this.
Times such as these
are when our most valued rights
can be easily ripped from our grasp,
under the guise of "national security."
We must watch to ensure
that the violation of the rights
that many respected Americans
have fought and died to supply us with.
is not an easy task.
That is why we can't
shut out the world,
and retreat into our everyday lives,
oblivious to the world around us.
In many nations,
Americans are often labeled
and unconcerned about the rest of the world.
This is a time in which we can change that label,
and work toward making ourselves
informed and concerned,
not just for ourselves,
but for all those
who are affected by this war.

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i love this so much!