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By Anonymous

     I have been waiting almost my entire life to graduate from high school. But now, I've realized that as much as I want to get out into the real word, I'm not ready for it, and I don't think the majority of the kids in my school are.

It's true that we have gotten one of the best public educations we could have in the state. Our school has taught us everything from how to write 12-page papers to how to solve quadratic equations. Still, I don't think any of us knows much about problems that people in the "real world" face. I can't help but think that once I leave my safe and secure little school, my biggest problem will be more than not having anything to do on a Saturday night. What I haven't learned in school is possibly some of the most useful knowledge I may need in the future. I haven't been taught that luxuries in the real world cost money. I haven't been taught that I have to actually pay bills. I haven't learned that I can't spend $100 on a pair of jeans because I have to pay for my food, heat and cell phone. I haven't learned how to buy a car, apply for a mortgage, invest, or manage credit. I think a lot of kids don't understand the reality of life because they haven't had to face it yet. Our parents are still buying our cars and paying for the insurance. Our weekend and summer jobs only pay for that cute jean jacket in the J. Crew catalog. I think the sheltered lives that a good percentage of us are living will have a huge impact on the attitude we have when we first face the real world.

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