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By Anonymous

   Are school uniforms appropriate for public schoolstudents? Yes, and I believe students in public school should berequired to wear them. Uniforms eliminate the distractions of designerclothes so students can focus on their studies. Uniforms also create anenvironment in which children will be judged on personality rather thanstyle. Finally, uniforms save time and money.

While attending aparochial school, I experienced the luxury of wearing uniforms. At myschool, students came from diverse backgrounds. Inside the building,however, our economic advantages or disadvantages were no longerobvious. My friends and I were able to focus on academics and concernfor others rather than the latest fashions. Since we looked similar, weremained attentive to the teacher and our work. I learned that myeffort, attitude and aptitude were more important than myclothes.

Wearing uniforms helped me realize I don't need toimpress anyone by the clothes I wear. School uniforms helped childrenwho did not have "stylish" clothes to be treated fairly. I wasjudged by my character, not the price of my jeans. I had a chance toshow my personality without worry that I was out of style. This set thetone in the school system that all individuals were to be treated asequals.

I never had to waste time deciding what to wearbefore school. A clean uniform was easy to maintain. My parents saved alot of money, too. I did not need a variety of colors, styles anddesigner fashions in my wardrobe. Wearing uniforms helped me learn I didnot always have to buy clothes I wanted when I wanted them.

WhenI wore a uniform, I started my day worry-free, focused on my schoolworkand felt judged by who I was on the inside. My family and I saved timeand money.

I believe children should be required to wearuniforms in public schools.

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This article has 4 comments.

i love this so much!

on May. 6 2014 at 2:21 pm

lexi12222 said...
on Jun. 8 2010 at 3:44 pm
i think that school uniforms dont let the children be unique. I they all wear the some thing, then it would be like you were seeing people that look the same everywhere. t wouldnt be right to make everyone look the same.

on Dec. 1 2008 at 2:53 pm
I kinda agree and dis agree. The reason why i agree is because its hard on kids coming home upset because someone made-fun of that person because they dont have high priced clothes. (hollister, American Eagle. Ect.)

I disagree cause because childern should be able to wear what they buy. But the uniforms is a good idea at times. But if a school does have uniforms dont be so hard on the kids with the uniforms.. My school has a uniform and we cant wear shorts above the necks. We cant have writing on the shirts. and no holes in pants. Its not that bad.!

-brookie.! <3