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Unequal Treatment MAG

By Anonymous

   I am writing to complain about the unjust treatmentthat academic clubs receive at schools as compared with sportsteams.

Future Business Leaders of America was scheduled to go to acompetition at a high school an hour away. We were to be at school at 7:15 a.m.on a Saturday morning, and the school was to rent us one of its vans. Fridaynight, however, the nine club members received phone calls from our sponsorsaying the school had double-booked the van and a sports team was getting it, noquestions asked, no apologies offered.

Thanks to the club members'dedication, we worked things out. Some cancelled their plans and spent four hourson a Friday night looking for a way to get to our competition. We wound upfinding two cars - a parent's and a club member's.

Despite not beingsupported by our school, seven of our nine members placed in the competition -three of them first. Considering we were the smallest group, this was aremarkable feat that showed that our request for the van was more thanlegitimate. Winning so many events brought honor to our school, despite thedishonor the school demonstrated by choosing the sports team over us.

Iask that all readers in academic clubs take a stand against injustices like this.It happens all the time, but few do much about it. Don't just blow them off assmall things; the small things get bigger.

Write to your principal, schoolnewspaper and/or superintendent to complain. If just one person does something atevery school, perhaps academic clubs will get the respect they deserve.

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i love this so much!

S-Dub said...
on Jan. 21 2009 at 6:28 pm
I have to disagree. A sports team has income from concessions and ticket prices. Academic teams don't bring as much to the table. And also, sports players must be passing to play so sports also involves academics. I'm not saying that academics aren't important. Plus this doesn't seem to happen a lot, this school system just seems corrupt.