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By Anonymous

   Biology AnimalsThe pig lies lifeless on the table,Pinned down to a dissection trayAs I watched this lifeless body get torn to threads,Piece by piece,Minute by minute ...The FEARThe HORRORI couldn't.I wouldn't.How could anyone?Any other animal would have been all right.Earthworms, grasshoppers I could have dealt withBut this, THIS, This?I just can't!Pigs, frogs, cows?The cruelty!I couldn't and I won't.When the animal actually looks like a living thing,I can't.True, they're already dead.But I can'tI simply can'tAnd I didn't and I never willWhat has this world come to when the killing and tearing apart of an animal has become aschool event!by Brette Aschenbrand, New City, NY

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i love this so much!