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My Dad Is A Lunatic MAG

By Anonymous

   I swear my dad is a lunatic. Sure, he's 20-something years older than me, but why does that make him think he has the right to act like a bully on a kids' playground? So I didn't turn off the television when he asked. So I was a little irreverent when phrasing my disagreement on whose turn it was to walk the stupid dog. So I got a little cranky with my mother because she got on my case about not eating enough dinner. Does that give him the excuse to rant and rave and to threaten things like me missing my favorite show, and using that dress he bought me a month ago against me? After all he's done for me. I swear I didn't do a thing wrong. Not really.

I listen to those who prove their worth with their words, making me think, making me understand, not to those who enjoy playing "who can yell the loudest." I respect those who think rationally, not those who force me to sit and mindlessly say, "Yes, of course, you are always right." And yet, he hasn't noticed this. He must be really dense.

Well, I looked him straight in the eye and spouted some line about how he obviously can't handle a rational conversation. He ordered me to my room. But I was already on my way there. Ha, take that! I've won this round. I can't help but give a self-satisfied smirk.

What were we fighting about again? I think I may have forgotten. I was the innocent one, right? I never do anything wrong. Nothing could possibly be my fault. Who was the rational one? I'll let you figure that out. Right now I'm too busy cranking up the volume on my radio because I know it makes him mad. ?

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i love this so much!