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By Anonymous

   The world sucks. Every fifteen seconds, someone dies. Or someone causes an innocent bystander to die. Sadness most certainly overshadows any good in the world. It seems like the world has slipped into a depression it is determined not to rise from. If you glance around, you'd see very few smiles and a deluge of tears. It isn't fair to shed a tear at the expense of someone else's stupidity. You've got kids murdering their classmates because their walkman was stolen. Think about it. Little fourth graders bringing guns to school. Babies born addicted to crack. Pregnant at thirteen. Dead two years later. Dogs outlive people, for crying out loud.

But kids aren't allowed to be kids anymore. It's been drilled into us from day one that we are to act like miniature adults and view the world through serious eyes. We're almost forbidden to have a childhood. We should be allowed to. Nine, eleven, even fifteen is too young to have to worry about a madman tailing you home from school or whether your best friend will kill him or herself. No one deserves that. Especially not the young. All parents can do is shake their heads and say "When I was young, I didn't have to worry about all this stuff." We have to.

I can barely remember a time when I was really happy. You know, worry-free and light-hearted. I think the last time I was oblivious was at birth. Soon after that, the world hit me at full force. Pressures crowd the light from my young life.

But what about when you do see the sunshine? On those days when the chirping birds wake you from a good night's sleep, and you stretch long and open your eyes with a smile. When you realize that there are scientists out there trying to cure diseases. Or that groups like the Peace Corps are helping all over the world. Or when you go down to breakfast, warm pancakes and equally warm smiles are there to greet you. Friends and family are the undeniable cure for all ailments. Without love, this world would be as cheery as a tomb. When sorrow eclipses the sun, love is there to bring the light.

I often refer to love in my writing. Maybe it's because I'm so dependent on love. Fighting turns my stomach. Cutting words make me cringe. But love makes me want to throw open my arms and hug the world. I love hugs. There is nothing like a great big bear hug from someone who cares. Even when you are depressed, a hug can make everything better. Hugs are what inspire Hallmark Cards. They're what mushy, lovesick people live for.

The world is like a coin, two-sided and very different on each side. One is golden; the other black. Many times the blackened side turns up and shadows the golden light of good. But if you flip it just right and look closely, the light will come shining through. Two sides of a coin. One world. Flip it. ?

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i love this so much!

on Apr. 22 2010 at 1:29 am
mcpanicfanic SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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You make me sad. But your a great wirter.