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Seeing Schindler's List MAG

By Anonymous

   Seeing Schindler's List
by J. B., New City, NY

Recently I had the opportunity to see Schindler's List. Being a Jewish girl from a predominantly Jewish suburban area of New York, the movie deeply affected me. Although I've read numerous stories in Hebrew School, and heard personal accounts from survivors, I never could truly relate to the Holocaust until I was able to actually see the massive destruction illustrated in the movie. Steven Spielberg accurately depicted the devastation and desecration which occurred during the Holocaust. For three hours, the audience sat and stared avidly at the screen; tears constantly forming in their eyes as they watched in silence. The movie touched the hearts of everyone who saw it. The hours passed as if they were minutes and when the movie came to an end, everyone remained immobile, gazing blankly at the screen. One cannot begin to imagine the anguish and suffering of those who actually survived the Holocaust. Schindler's List made me realize how fortunate I am for living the life I do. I think it is crucial that everyone see this film because it contains an important message of acceptance. Perhaps if everyone is given the opportunity to see Schindler's List, they will better understand how prejudice and ignorance can lead to total destruction; hopefully the movie will teach us never to repeat the atrocious mistakes of the past.

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i love this so much!

mplo said...
on Aug. 19 2015 at 3:16 pm
This was a very, very good, well-done film, which is an excellent portrayal on an extremely horrific chapter in history, which hopefully will not be anyone, against any other people. The book on which Schindler's List was based, btw, was also excellent, and is recommended reading.