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Meeting Gabriel

May 13, 2009
By Deliah GOLD, Narnia, Other
Deliah GOLD, Narnia, Other
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Every night, I'd lie awake waiting for the angel Gabriel to come and visit me. Unfortunately, my revelation did not come in this way.
Hell. The worst of the four-letter words,it symbolized a realm of eternal flame. It was the place God would one day sentence me for my pubescent desires toward the same sex.
Upon closing my eyelids, I was on a train to a forbidding land. The concentration camps,they called it. I was held at gunpoint by a member of the Gestapo.
"Come and take a shower",one of the doctors had told me. I knew what was coming-bracing myself for what lie ahead, I called upon the Lord.
"Spare me,from the wrath of the smoldering flames!",I cried.
I was not greeted by a blinding light. Nor did I meet my end. It happened one warm, August day during history.
On the TV screen, images of the bomb dropping at Hiroshima and Nagasaki flashed before my very eyes , followed by images of hijacked planes hitting the Twin Towers. People were crying, as the buildings erupted in flames.
"Hell on Earth", I said to myself. Us humans have created Hell.

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