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My Name

October 11, 2022
By lauren_t06 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
lauren_t06 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Lauren has 6 letters; it just slips out like chocolate that is melted in a bowl. Silky.  

My name in English means “wisdom” but my name in Spanish means a long word that I don’t know how to say. My name flows like the number 23. 

My name smells sweet like fruity candy that turns into sour. My name tastes like honey and it feels smooth flowing with the wind and the trees. It looks like a light blue butterfly in the sky flying with the clear wind in the fluffy white clouds ready to go see its family. It reminds people of sunshine and brightness. It  moves like butter with corn on the cob. People say my name like they are proud to be saying it. 

Whenever they hear a “Lauren”... they are asking if I need help. They were always there to help. They always knew from the start I was a very hard working girl when it comes to school. Help help help is all I got from them and i'm proud of it, they know their Lauren hates working alone and would rather be with other people. 

People think I want to be a teacher. but I actually want to be a nurse and they say Lauren would fit. Whenever a teacher talks to my parents about me they always start off with “Lauren is a great student”. For 12 years every teacher has said that and they are proud to be saying it.

The author's comments:

My name has always been Lauren.

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