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What does it mean to "Just be you"?

January 31, 2010
By YouthfulLight SILVER, Forest Park, Illinois
YouthfulLight SILVER, Forest Park, Illinois
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Today it's all about having the top iTunes songs on your iPod and having the latest 'trend', whuach happens to change nearlt every month. No matter how much we try to convince others, or ourselves, to "Just be you!", it's impossible to get past that awful self-conscienceness. Some days I just want to hop out of bed and put on the brightest color jewelry I have but then I decide against it becasue it's "not cool" or I don't want to be made fun of.

So how do you figure out who you are if you can't express yourself without being made fun of?? No matter how many times we try to convince ourselves otherwise, we DO care what other people think, and we ARE self conscience! It's human.

So how exactly do we break out of the "I have to have it cuz it's in!" mode to "I like it, and not cuz a magazine said so" desired place?

You hop out of bed and put that bright colored jewelry on without a second thought! In addition, you put on those knee length striped socks and the thirft store shirt.

And if you're the one who sees someone in a crazy outfit, be the first to compliment!

And remember: Just. Be. You.

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