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Small Towns

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Every day I wake up during the summer and every day im bored out of my mind trying to figure out something to do. People that don’t live in small towns long to go to small towns but I know better. I’V lived in this same little town for my entire life and have always hoped that I will one day breach my wall of boredom.

Are you one of the people that believe there are no accidents, murders, or rapes in small towns? That a small town is just like the beautiful little town of Mayberry? Well sorry to brake it to you but it’s not it’s full of death horror and destruction. In the past 3 years we have had to many deaths from gang related activities, drinking and driving than some of the major cities in Texas.

I truly believe that the cause of most of the crimes in small towns is because the teens of this town have nothing to do so they make fools of them selves by having car races, selling drugs, or drinking. The danger of doing these things is the only excitement in there life that is why out of 200 kids in my greed we already had 5 teen pregnancies that I know of. In small towns there are no movie theaters, skating rinks, or malls. The closest thing to fun in this town is Wal-mart! This is why the teens enjoy the thrill of going to parties unsupervised. I believe that if there where more fun activities in this town that the rate of illegal uses would drop tremendously

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