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Appearence - improved

September 27, 2010
By JustMe23 BRONZE, Rye, Other
JustMe23 BRONZE, Rye, Other
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Are looks the first impression? How people judge you and how people make their decision about you. Shouldn’t it be more?
As a teenager, the pressure of your appearance, not by others, but by yourself is huge. Magazines show stick thin women, but are they really what we should aspire to be like? Are they real women?

As someone who is interested in fashion and beauty I have seen the change a teenage makes due to their friendship groups and what people expect them to look like.

People always say that appearance doesn’t matter it’s what is inside that counts, but are they telling the truth? Because as soon as you meet someone new or see someone for the first time you judge them by what you look like. 60% of people are more likely to talk to someone if they are good looking. Why?

I believe that everybody knows what is real, what is right. The pressure of appearance has become greater. But who is to blame?

In the 21st century everything is about appearance not just people, but business’s, companies and the government. For example Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa one of the most well known paintings in the world; she appears to be smiling but is she really happy?

Having what everyone thinks of as a beautiful appearance can give you an advantage as people are attracted to you, but some time’s your appearance can cause you trouble. But my question is why is the appearance of things the most important thing, when in my opinion it should who that person is and how they feel about themselves not how others judge them.

Business’s and company’s appearance are their most important thing and what people see, but shouldn’t it be the people who work in that company shouldn’t they be what everyone can see; their commitment, the work they put in and what they do that create’s that company?

An appearance shouldn’t be the way things look from a distance or the way things seem, but by what makes up that person, business or company. Are these questions or just what everyone knows or needs to understand?

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