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i can't..... I just can't

May 2, 2009
By Anonymous

All right so far i think i am o.k. I sit down in my desk just a little before the bell rings and take a deep breath.
All right so far I think I am o.k. Our teacher starts to talk and do what teachers do best, teach. I sit there. Looking down at my pants thinging i can do this i can do this. I fix my head band, push my hair beind my ears and avoid eye contact as much as i can.
The girl behind poses a question.
"Why can't America just keep their nose out of other peoples buisness" I dug my nails into my arm hoping to feel some pain to stabalize my self because right now i feel life less. I keep digging in but it does no good. And I knew the teacher would have to answer the question so I braced my self.
"Well I don't know what do you guys think?"
Hands shoot up all over the room and I hope i hear some good answers and people with other opionions keep their hands down. they have a right to their own opionion but i don't want to hear it. I can't hear it... I just can't.
The boy in the other row gets called on "I think we should just mind our own buisness"
Not o.k. Not o.k. Not o.k.
the girl on the other side of the room gets called on "I think we should just mind our own buisness. Alot of people would still be alive if we didn't go in there for nothing."
My hand shoots up. And the teacher realizes me. "Yes Christine what is your opionion?"
"Can I go in the hall?!"
"Yeah, yeah go ahead." I can tell from his responce he realized the desperate look on my face and the fact that I am shaking.
The room gets dead silent when I walk out. I walk as fast as I can and shut the door behind me.
I stand against the lockers shaking, running my hands through my hair, twisting around my head and cracking my fingers.
How could they say that, say that we went in their for basicly nothing and say that thousands of lives would have been saved if we didn't go in there for nothing. Nothing. My brother died for that. He went over there and he died for that. I don't need a class room of kids telling me that he went there for nothing and he died because america couldn't mind their own buisness. I can't, I just can't. I know he didn't die becasue america couldn't mind their own buisness and he didn't die for nothing. he died for freedom, and his family. to make a difference, so I wouldn't have to risk my life. He died doing the right thing and helping out people. He died doing what he wanted to do serving his country overseas.

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. said...
on Sep. 18 2009 at 6:33 pm
this is a really stong article. I could really feel what you were trying to get through. great job and i'm sorry for your loss