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Black World

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

(Before I begin the story; I would like to note that this story is in the severely depressed range. But I am not depressed or suicidal, so you have nothing to worry about. It just popped into my head as I went on writing it. However there are no people in the story; I might just continue writing it……this part is the beginning description of what it is about and kind of lays everything that Black World is about. So I hope you enjoy it and I am looking forward to getting some feedback on what you think about it.
Minds drained to the last drop, nothing but drooling outlines living a lost cause we call existence. We are those who are waiting to be taken to the world of thought, full of hopes and dreams. Like a crack in the wall; That’s only there to let the blackness rush in and take over, Coating over the color, Leaving the world of light in sadness; So gloomy and…….should I say tormenting!
Walking along the road to nowhere; Trees darkened by the blackened skies, Grass yellowed; crunching every step. Flowers wilted; dead; crumbling to the touch. No hopes; nothing to wish for, just this one and only world. Leaving the people nothing but; anguish and sorrow. Providing them with only the very clothes apoun they’re backs.
Manipulating the minds once full of innocence and peace Poisoned to its once natural instinct to survive; ripping each other apart, in the end nothing is left. Inflicting pain amongst one another; screaming and shouting. Running away from the danger that’s always around; Taking grip on the minds of the old and young Filling them with fear, hate, sadness and anger running towards nothing;
Leading a cause without purpose, spinning in confusion, frustrated, struggling to find the purpose in life; finding what you’re supposed to do in the society of blasphemy. Cities and towns destroyed in ruins. Collapsed and crumbled. Searching; for food and water; starving and thirsty.
Days without anything to eat or drink; struggling to survive. The upheaval of society taking everything in sight exploitatively; People rampant and seductive never to give it back. Confinement no longer exists in this literal world of prosaic events.
This prolonged epidemic can no longer be taken. The odyssey must reemerge; to lift the lands and the water to sublimate the morbidity of the lost souls that lived without the faith of the savior to come. Nostalgic and wanderlust;
Walking the lands of this world; soon to find what’s been missed. A world of placidie, reverie fogging the eyes with hopes and dreams, living a life without a doubt; no longer to rely on others but the true rescuer of people; to live forever: amongst yourself. The uncanny misery must be faltered; smite the forces of surreal. Evil deferred; scrupulously……these prosaic lands transformed into elegance; persisting to no longer take the abuse and the tormenting violence;
Of the devouring enemies; all the blood, violence, and Anarchy purged. Creating the truth, happiness; and most of all Faith amongst the vast world we people call a home. Faith that will wipe out its heaps of subtle minds
That who; they themselves lost the will to live the life of conscientiousness, ignoring the disaster and the upheaval created behind the path of life they take.
Leaving others in grief; trying to build a new life; the vast groups of the people; who are willing to fight persistently? To unravel the world Insightful Almost in the grasp of the desperation the true realities closing in view; to live life that was; and will be lived forever till the end of days. Scrupulously; defying the beast within; what a beautiful world the minds of the intrinsic created.

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