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July 22, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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Dear World,

How are you today? I see you shiver, so you must be cold. Though, with the anger you create, the stress makes it hot. Ive formed a cold sweat.
Where has everyone gone to? Is there a place in which we all are supposed to go? Where the good go to get away and the bad to stay and create an illusion? Earth isnt so bad. Human kind isnt so vicious. All those thoughts they all have against us, its all because of the illusion right? The act we put on to keep the good safe...right?
Ive noticed something, World. I look around at night, before i try another escape but i no longer see the stars. The same lights in the beautiful sky of blackened hope. The same lights that lead the slaves, the explorers, the lost, are gone. And now so am I, World. So am I.
Along with the rest of the ones I come in contact with, we're all changing. I dont understand and I need your guidance. The ghost of love has been exposed behind the curtain. So, I turn to what now? Only you, World. Only the thing we have left. The ground in which is kind of hard to find now, covered up by our own detonation. Its still there somewhere. Or atleast, thats what i keep telling myself.
Why is there so much hurt. I mean, we are only human or thats what everyone keeps saying. But, now im beginning to believe thats just an excuse for lack of a better one. World, what have you come to? Now, more than ever the people that make up this world, are killing themselves off. Not only us vs. us but now, ourselves fighting the conscience in our mind. We seem to rarely win the fight and keep on walking. I think we are running out of ground for graves.

Why is it that the youth now is being attacked. Are none of us safe anymore? Not even from ourselves? What have we done so wrong to become such a monster and spread this disease. Our ancestors may have made bigger mistakes looking back on it now, being civilized. But, i think we are more inhumane than we are human. There are too many opinions and not enough answers. World, we need a decision maker.

Last words for today, i dont understand.

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