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A Chicken Sandwich and a Side of Political Remarks, Please

August 2, 2012
By musicprincess PLATINUM, Braselton, Georgia
musicprincess PLATINUM, Braselton, Georgia
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As a political heavyweight with the world’s biggest waist line, the skyrocketing rate of American obesity has been focus of countless news stories in and out of our great nation. Recently, our food interests have made headlines yet again. However, this time it is devoted fast-foodies making waves by putting down their menus and picking up political agendas.

In recent weeks, Chik Fil A’s President, Dan Kathy, made a political statement condemning homosexuality, sparking cries of outrage from the gay community and supporters of same-sex marriage. While Chik Fil A has made no efforts to hide the values the company was built on, a statement this bold came as a shock to many. In response to Kathy’s statement, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckaby called for all conservatives to patronize Chik Fil A on August 1st to show their support for anti-gay movements. In contrast, the gay community and supporters asked that all those in favor of same sex marriage to boycott Chik Fil A restaurants. The Vice President of Chik Fil A reported a record-setting spike in revenue for August 1st and several restaurants stated that they nearly ran out of food to feed the ravenous crowds spilling out the doors. While the company has several supporters who will continue to patronize the restaurants, they have also irrevocably alienated many former patrons who now refuse to buy their products. While Chik Fil A’s anti-gay statements has become the subject of recent news, this is not the first time food has gone political.

As a show of support for gay rights, Oreo released a picture of a rainbow-cream filled Oreo cookie. Immediately, the picture became the subject of thousands of Tweets and Facebook comments, some supporting and some opposing the political implications of the picture. Many people responded to the picture by commenting that they would now boycott Oreo or that they would buy more Oreo products. In another story, Wrigley, a subsidy of Mars, came under fire after they refused to make donations to a foundation supporting the Trayvon Martin, who was shot in an altercation last February. At the time of the incident, Martin was carrying a bag of Skittles. The Skittles wielding supporters of Martin were outraged that Wrigley refused to take a stance in the case.

In America, it can no longer be argued that there is much of a separation of church and state. Political and religious views have now been combined to create platforms for numerous political campaigns since the beginning of campaigning. Now the distinction between church and plate has been become just a blurred and distorted. Where we used to protest by starving ourselves, we now stuff our faces with greasy goodness to show our values and wear our political views on our 3x bibs. So, the next time you ask your mother or father to pick up dinner at the drive through, compare political agendas before you compare the value menu items. Your jumbo fries and Super Glug may have something to say about taxes or human rights.

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