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March 27, 2013
By arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
arichman40 PLATINUM, Basalt, Colorado
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In the world, genocides have been occurring for as long as we canrememberr.The one thing we can do is lead the world to stop the genocides. We need to promote human rights, stop using violence and give Americans all the obligations to stop genocides around the world. If we can lead the world in preventing more genocides, we can change the world. There have been many genocides around the world, helping countries who have suffered a genocide could mean that we are sending a message to make the world a better place to live.

To ensure that I can make a difference, I need to think of others. Human rights, people’s obligation to stop injustices such as genocides around the world and stopping the violence are all values to carry out this option. I want to warn others, to stop the violence that kills innocent people who haven’t done a thing. This is the safest way to handle stopping genocides because if people know how to handle a change and people aren’t as cruel, the percentage of a genocide occurring is very low. I believe in keeping people safe, and leading the world to stop genocides can save people’s lives. Less violence, and more awareness can make the world a better place.

To put this option into action, I need to put the word out about genocides. Inform people and countries about genocides and help other countries stay safe as we can send troops into those countries to aid countries in need of support. The government can keep an eye out for word if a country is in danger. Getting the word out and telling people how much genocides affect a country can get people to listen and be aware of genocides and if any occur. Having people informed is the best way to lead them to stop genocides. They know the dangers, they know that a mass number of people are killed and the damage that is done to to a country that takes forever to restore, millions of dollars worth of damages. Contact other countries and get their support as allies. Once we have thier support, we can create a plan to aid the countries in need of support from genocide attacks and how we can prevent future genocides. Genocides tear lives apart, a memory that stays with a person forever. That’s why being informed can save a country worth of people’s lives, so everyone should ban together to stop the genocides.

The pro about this option is that people are aware of what is going on and we can get alliances from other countries willing to support countries in need. With more support, we can spread the word and aid countires in need of financial aid and restablishing of the country. Preventing a genocide provides a clear moral purpose to our forign policy. We have more countries on our side, aiding us so we have more moral support for the people in need. The cons for this option are that not everyone will want to help. Some countries don’t seem to care and some countries might feel that the United States is overstepping things by trying to take over other countries disasters. Acting alone will get us embroiled in long term problems that we do not have the capability or the will to resolve the problem. Also, the United States does not have the resources nor the right to be the world’s police officer. To some countries, trying to help other countries would just make them feel like we are butting into something we shouldn’t. That we do too much and sometimes we should step back and let countries deal with thier own problems.

In the case of a real genocide, we should respond. If we know the facts that it was a real genocide, we should help the needy. If hundreds are dead in Southeast Asia and we are aware of the situation, we should aid the weakened country. If we aren’t involved, we may feel like we are butting in. But if we were somehow involved in the attack, we should aid the country. Also, the Holocaust and WW2 we were involved in. The millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust wil always berememberred, especially Anne Frank. At 13, she died from typhus but she will berememberred for her curagous fight to hide from the Natzis for two years in an apartment attic before getting sent off to concentration camps. It shows that even though at one time a religion was hated, its now one of the main religions around the world and werememberr those Jews for fighting for their religion.

Going to lead the world in the fight to stop Genocides is a very good option. We can do a good thing for the entire world, not just ourselves. We can stop the killing of many innocent people although the deaths of others will stay with us forever. Taking the lead and showing the world that we can conqure anything with allies. Be the change and open your heart to a wounding country be restored. Innocent people who could also be our loved ones don’t deserve to die in a genocide. So let us take the lead and fight to prevent future genocides.

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