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Generation Y

March 14, 2016
By Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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Generation Y, spanning from the 1980s to the end of the 2000s, is the group of people growing up in the world now. Often called Millennials, generation Y is portrayed in the media as a group of rebellious, opinionated screen junkies. In fact, the media focuses more on the negatives of the current generation and shines very little light on the positives.

The media has recently been full of negative views on the current generation. Comparisons between the generation of now and the old generations are being made on a daily basis. A strong focus on equality has shifted towards teenage pregnancy and killings. Instead of showcasing the positives and open attitudes of generation Y, the media shines a light on the dark and rebellious actions of the youth.

The word millennial can send shivers down the spines of many people from the older generation. Strong opinions, advances in technology, and the overall agreeance of generation Y have shown the strength and power the youth holds. Not to say that there aren’t problems with today’s generation, but the ratio of good to bad is highly uneven.

A rise in the use of social media fuels the power the current generation holds over its elders. Social media gives the youth a way to connect with others around the world and access to technology that helps them spread their opinions and start movements with the touch of a screen. Movements such as the LGBTQ fight for equality catch the attention of the youth and receive significant support. This power has even influenced candidates for the presidential election to attempt to connect with members of generation Y.

The power held by generation Y can be quite intimidating to those who are closed minded or part of the older generations. In fact, the youth’s love and support for things such as all black outfits, tattoos, and even a wide variety of drugs have shed a hateful light on the generation themselves. Generation Y has taken it upon themselves to support movements like the legalization of marijuana. Power shown by the youth has made things like vaping and other more hardcore drugs seem cool or trendy. Things like the above mentioned have given the media the information needed to shine a negative outlook on generation Y.

With all the negative media surrounding generation Y, many forget about the positive impact the youth has over the world. Their strong opinions that lead to movements have changed the course of history. Generation Y has  used the power of social media to spread positivity and equality worldwide. If you look past the shootings and pregnant teens, you will see millions of young people supporting the rights of women, LGBTQ members, and minorities in all countries. Instead of promoting the negative actions, the media should report on the movements generation Y has so passionately supported.

In conclusion, generation Y holds a certain rank of power in today’s world, and the negative outlook toward today’s youth needs to be stopped. People and the media need to stop fearing the word “millennial” and embrace the change and ideas today’s youth has set forth. Generation Y should be viewed as a powerful and inspirational group of people rather than screen addicted punks.

The author's comments:

I've seen the media treat the current generation like we are the worst thing to happen in this society. I wrote this to hopefully help shine a light on the positive things this generation has done and to show how negative the media is toward today's youth.

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