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Mueller's Investigation

December 23, 2017
By 22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
22rbhattacharyya GOLD, State College, Pennsylvania
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Everyday I hear something on the news about Russia interfering in our election but from day one to day three sixty five I have not learned one thing from the media outlets or from investigation itself other than that Russia did "collusion" and that the Trump campaign was involved. Robert, if your reading this please email me what you found. That email would be very short. 

From the very beginning the Democrats had to come up with a way to hinder Trump's agenda. What a perfect way to do it without any fact.

I agree that Trump is a business man and that he has a tendency to go with the money but isn't every politician like that. Unless Mueller can't point down that he went (himself) and called the Russians and asked them for help within a year, doesn't it mean we should stop wasting our time and money on this matter.

After all, why is it legal to get millions of dollars in donations from Russia but it is illegal to talk to them?

Let's get over it and move on and get some work done from this administration.

The author's comments:

I am sick of this ongoing investigation that leads to NOTHING!

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