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February 12, 2019
By aknoll PLATINUM, Conrath, Wisconsin
aknoll PLATINUM, Conrath, Wisconsin
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Why? I have to ask, why? People are constently judgeing, it's not just me who's getting judged. Its everyone. The wall, immargration. Immigrants, some of them, are good people, trying to start a better life. But because one persons ays they are bad, because one did one thing wrong, all of a sudden they ALL are. Thats horrible. Anti-Vacs. Always being called crazy and nuts by the people who do believe in vaccines. I hate it. The world and society we live in today is so judgmental. How about this: stop judging, stop crtizising and start believing. Come on! I mena the world we live in is full of proverty, bad people, crime, and so much more. But should that justify us judging everyone? Just because you look at the bad and hate, does that give you the right to play 'the blame game'. Does prverty and struggle give us the right to outlaw thos eunlike us? At what point is it to much? Ho wlong will the world last if we don't put down the screens, and stop critisizing. Finally to all the world leaders; I'm one girl, one person, on teenager trying to change the world. Did you ever think maybe walls and war aren't the answer? Please stop critisizing those unlike you, and really breathe in everything. I might be talking to air, no one may ever read this, no leader may ever set eys on it. But I'm writing because I want them to. And I won't post anonymusly, I won't hide who I am in fear you'll react to me in a way I don't like. I can, will and am. 

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Silent no more.

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