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Abuse & Is it ok?

December 20, 2009
By Anonymous

My life has been hard for 12 straight years. It has improved but my question is: why is it ok? Ok to physically abuse your LOVE one,your partner,the one who's there for you 24/7. My mind has been scared with the horrible video of my dad hurting my mom. Yes he improved but my siblings and I will never forget those years. It has been so much better but, what do you think? Have you witnessed abuse? Are you a victim? Trust me, im very young but I know how and what you feel when you think your whole world went black. Its not easy trying to forget all those images, it won't be an over night decision. I want to make a difference. Change this bleeding soul of mine. I will succeed at this. It will take so much wieght off my shoulders. You do the same.

The author's comments:
Yes this article is true. I will do everything It says.

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