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Rights! Where have they gone?

April 7, 2010
By LawRawrBelle SILVER, Sherwood, Arkansas
LawRawrBelle SILVER, Sherwood, Arkansas
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My makers made one mistake in a perfect me, they gave me my own mind.

People moved from England to United States soil for many reasons. Some would argure religious tolerance, govermental freedom, along with many other logogical reasons. Most of which did play a role.

Do you recall "...liberty, justice, for all..." In school you probably recite this every morning, but do we really understand the meaning?

Lets go further back, when man and woman were first created to Adam and Eve. Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit.

Humans will always have faults and and perfection will and can never exsist. For that reason our world has become curupt. Every single person in this world has "good" and "evil" in them.

One thing I believe in is Gay Rights. Where has their justice and liberty gone? Their freedom to marry and love who they wish?

What happened to church and state being seprate?

The author's comments:
To make matters clean I do not believe in a God or any of the religious things I stated. They were used as metaphores or use of understanding.

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