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Deal With It (a feminist rant)

May 17, 2012
By sheeroxs BRONZE, Ny, New York
sheeroxs BRONZE, Ny, New York
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Feminist. The mere word conjures up images of ugly fearful women. And what for? For desiring the respect and opportunities that men are simply born with? What could possibly be wrong with that? Just because I was born with a slightly different set of genes then a man I deserve to be regarded as an other? Different and less? What magic awesomeness does being male have that I and 50 percent of the rest of the world aren't privileged enough to obtain?
Clearly these are rhetorical questions. There is no such ridiculous difference between men and women. We are all pretty much the same. Face it. Ur not special or exalted from birth. Ur merely human. Not male nor female, but human. Deal with it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after reading "the bread givers" by anzia yezierska, a wonderful novel about a girl growing up in a religious immigrant family, in the early 1900s. I empathize so greatly with her situation, and ended up a teary angry mess after reading it. Her father is probably the only character I'v actually wanted to punch repeatedly. And yet, at the end, you cant even hate him.

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