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My Dream

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

I have a dream that one day this world will not use violence and death to solve our problems but the words, mouth, and voice given to us by god himself. I hope that one day all people will learn to fulfill their lives with all the positive energy that surrounds them rather than the negative. With that energy I wish that one day the people of this world will learn to trigger it to the greater good of the people. That they may find it in themselves to do all they can to make living in this world the best it can be. Without any of the racism, sexism, poverty, or crime that happens.

I have a dream that in all parts of the world for all people that living is free from worry of what may come tomorrow, but instead embrace every cherish able moment and make it better than the last. That in order to survive people don’t feel they need to take it in their own hands and take innocent lives of others to make a living. But instead are honest to themselves and their people and use the skills given to them in the way they are meant to be used.

I have a dream that the children of today will work together to ban the evils of the world and turn them into wanted surprises for the children of tomorrow. That the children of today will make this place they wanted to live in for the children of tomorrow. Without the bullies that lurk around the corner, the unwanted nicknames given to anyone who is different, or the stereo-types that include a certain type of person and turns everyone else into a social outcast.

I have a dream that all people will be looked at as equals. No matter the people they hang out with, the color of their skin, or the amount of intelligence in which they have. So they can feel free fro the pressures of life and live to be independent individuals. With a mind of their own, not depending on someone else to assure them what they think and feel is right. The people will be unafraid to speak their mind and stand up for what is right.

I have a dream that the world will find peace within itself. To allow for miracles of live to occur without the wonder of if that life will be short-lived. Unable to find their place in society or to not fully understand what their role in the world is, or maybe to not even have a long enough time to understand who they truly are. Having a short lived life robs you from the true miracles of life that only a few of us are able to see and be blessed by.

My dream, my wish, my hope is that all people throughout the world are able to find the inner spirit of themselves, release all anxiety and anger, live a life of peace and happiness, and teach to make every day of life the best it can be. My dream is that this happens among all adults, teenagers, children, and infants that populate our world today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

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