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Go Against Discrimination

February 19, 2016
By SalemKarr BRONZE, Texarkana, Texas
SalemKarr BRONZE, Texarkana, Texas
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 We see this everday, someone being pushed around because of their race, religion, sexuality, and gender. I personally think that this is wrong, and you might agree with me. It's not right to tease and taunt someone about something that is a part of their life. I propose that we try to stop this. If you see someone that is being harrased because of one of the above topics, you should step in and defend that person, even if you dont agree with their life. Everyone deserves to live their life free and happy, but they cant do that if they're constantly being judged and discriminated. If we all just stand up for others,then maybe one day our world can be loving and excepting of everyone. 

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I decided to write this short article becaue I was tired of seeing so many people being harrased about their race, religion, sexuality, and even gender. I hope to encourage others to take a stand against the people discriminating others.

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