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Why I Listen to Music

October 25, 2018
By Anonymous

Music could be considered one of the best inventions ever made. It has the power to change how you think, feel, and see the world. I use music in almost every part of my life. I listen to music at school, I listen at home, I practically listen everywhere I go. Everyone has a different taste in music and music impacts every part of our lives. The reason I listen to music is because of the positive effects it has on me.

When I want to be in the zone music is the perfect way for me to focus myself. I listen to music when I’m at the gym, doing homework and while I’m in an intense gaming session. Music keeps me productive and it cancels out everything else around me. It allows me to ignore everything else except for the task at hand. It can give me tunnel vision and stop me from paying attention to anything except for what needs to be done. Music lets me be more efficient in my tasks and helps me me get more done. Music helps puts me in the zone.

Music often adds a little spice to life. In a situation that is boring music can change the mood. Often I find myself on bus or in Drivers Ed bored out of my mind, the simple solution is just listening to music. I can be satisfied by just listening to music for hours so in situations where I get bored. Music fixes my boredom, I have to do is pop in my airpods and put my playlist on shuffle. As long as my music is accessible I never get bored. Music keeps my life interesting even in parts where it is not.

Music can have an impactful effect on your emotions. When I am hyped up I listen to hype music, I listen to sad music when I’m sad. I have a variety of different music for different moods. It helps amplify your emotions, for example you cannot have a party without party music. With music, there is no awkward silence. Music fills the gaps in your head and can make or break a social setting. Music can be used to amplify emotions and change the way you think.
Music has a wide range of uses that make life generally better for many people. Music can take out the boredom in any situation, it can also be used to focus yourself and change how you feel. Music makes a positive impact on many people life including my own. I listen to music because without music my life would be very different.

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