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Career on being a Youtuber

September 27, 2019
By Blipy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Blipy BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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 Have your ever wanted a successful career on Youtube? Youtube is a platform for recording home made videos like gaming,eating,makeup etc.This gives the user also known as Youtuber to post what they want as long as it's in the youtube community guidelines.


 Youtube/Youtubers matters because it's a platform for entertaining people and making them laugh or for people to find other that like what they like or have similar interests or to show off their daily lives and what happens there's an endless amount of things you can do on youtube. The Youtubers are the people that makes the video the matter because if there's no youtubers there's no youtube and youtubers can livestream on youtube if they like and interact with their chat also they can host giveaways it's just a lot of fun to be able to make people smile and me recognized for your work.

To start your youtube career you will need equipment depending on what kind of channel you want.For example a gaming channel need a gaming pc/console,microphone,edit software, camera,lighting,and tripod to set up your camera. For vlogging you'll need a,vlogging camera,tripod,microphone muffler,spare batteries,and if you want the icing on the cake get a drone.

Ill need help from family members,friends,supporters,and mentors. The mentors will be the biggest help because they have experience and know what their doing and can provide help and have my back and guide me through the stuff im good at and help me improve at places im lacking.

My goal is to become a youtuber/public entertainer the world doesn't need another youtuber but i have a burning passion for becoming a youtuber and can provide consent  videos and upload videos almost every day. I want to be someone people can see on the street and be like i know who that is and can be comfortable to come up to me and say hello and provide support to my fans and just have a good time.

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this is just a dream of mines and what i can do to make it real 

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