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Why do we love watching murder?

November 15, 2020
By Anonymous

Why do people love watching murder? especially when there is deep physchological trauma or the murder is highly personal. Aka a  husband killing his wife and kids. Documentaries that take a deep dive into the lives of the victims and their normalcy get tons of views and good ratings,but why.Normalcy can be a key factor to these crimes because as viewers we can relate to these victims and sometimes they even mirror us. So when these people end up dead it is very hard to figure out who did it. And boom the normalcy explodes and becomes a tale of psychotic betrayal.So why as humans do we love this storyline?

Morbid curiosity-The curiosity related to violence,harm,and death.How many of us would love to see a gladiar fight? I know I would. And this feeling isn't abnormal or unhealthy. It's normal and it is quite interesting to watch it play out in modern media. In an age like this everything is everywhere. I think at times morbid curiosity can be exploited and used for clicks and views but  when it comes to crimes shows it relishes in this feeling perfectly. The element of suprise, betrayal,and the appearance of normalcy create a lovely combination for our minds.

We get to see the most horrific crimes explained. We can even pick through some of the evidence oursleves and start to speculate. We can develop our own theories and we can see the mystery unfold right on our screens.The whys and the hows all get solved in a statisfying way.The shows give us drama,complexity,and normalcy and then provide a beautiful twist that causes our minds to unravel at the sight of such insanity.

So that's why people love watching murder.

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