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Empowering Equality: The Climate Change Connection

September 9, 2023
By krishabansal BRONZE, Gurugram, Other
krishabansal BRONZE, Gurugram, Other
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The significant influence that gender equality and climate change have on our planet has me enthralled as I go deeper into my research on the complex interactions between the two. 

It is a voyage that not only piques my curiosity but also makes me feel more accountable to speak up in favour of a future that is more fair and sustainable.
The more I research this subject, the more it is clear that climate change and gender equality are intertwined. The effects of climate change frequently fall heaviest on women and girls, particularly in areas already at risk. They experience more difficulties due to climate-related calamities, such as having access to clean water, food security, and medical care. I find it upsetting to see the unjustified hardship people experience as a result of a catastrophe that was mainly unrelated to them.

Nevertheless, I find that the tenacity and bravery of women in the face of these difficulties also inspire me. Despite being marginalised in many communities, women become strong change agents and integral parts of putting sustainable practices into practice. They demonstrate that they are crucial to coping with climate change and lessening its effects when given access to resources and chances.
I am inspired by hope for a better future as I research the many case studies and global efforts. There is a rising understanding of the significance of addressing these concerns jointly, from grassroots groups led by women campaigning for environmental protection to policies promoting gender-inclusive climate action.

I'm excited about the possibility of positive change, and I'm committed to using my research's conclusions to promote significant policy changes and societal transformations. Women can be empowered to lead adaptation and mitigation activities for climate change by advancing gender equality. Their viewpoints, expertise, and knowledge are essential for developing gender-neutral, successful solutions.
I feel compelled to raise awareness and have deep discussions with decision-makers, activists, and communities as I move on with my research. Together, we can build a world where addressing climate change and gender equality go hand in hand, providing an equitable and sustainable future for future generations. Acting now is crucial, and I'm determined to contribute in some way to this transformational process.

The author's comments:

I am Krisha Bansal, a passionate researcher and advocate for the vital intersections of gender equality and climate change. My academic journey has led me to uncover the profound connections between these two critical issues, and I am dedicated to sharing my insights to drive meaningful change in the world.

The motivation behind my exploration of this subject arises from a sense of responsibility to address two of the most significant challenges facing our planet today: gender inequality and climate change. It is an undertaking that not only piques my curiosity but also underscores my obligation to speak up in favour of a future that is fairer and more environmentally responsible.

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