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He will.. He does...

September 26, 2013
By LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
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There comes a time...
In every girl's life
where she will meet a boy
and he will hold her, kiss her, and tell her he loves her
she'll take him home and enterdouce him to her parents and they will like him
then he will do something and that will go away
he will ask tem to do something that they would never in a million years do
he says "I love you" everyday out of the blue.. throws it to the wind
says he wants to marry you.. have children with you.. that life has no meaning without you
then leaves you in his dust just to say it to another
he leaves you with nothing but your virginity
but makes a mockery of you everywhere you go
he's cheated and when you expose him
he covers his lies by lying abotu you
he hurts you eveyr wya he can
and spits in your face
he makes you feel so miserable that you attempt to suicide mroe than once.
he asks you hwo much you love him
says "I'd take a bullet for you bae" then hides behind you when your ma fusses at him
drives off at the speed of light when your fatehr catches him sneakign out with you
has no respect for you even after your in trouble and could lose everything
spreads lies just to ruin your life after he's already taken everythign form it and is no longer in it
would you die for him? yes
do you love him? yes
still? yes
I told him the last tiem we broke up after i cheated I was done messign around
tht i had changed
and so did he
accept him for the worse
for I have not cheated sense then and he has twice. I forgave him once because of al lthe times i had hurt him.. accept i had never sent pictures or said i love you
he's hurt me so much.. and wont' stop. i told him I'd die withotu him. I told him I loevd no one but him and would and it's true. for it's been a week sense we have been oevr and he's the reaso nI can't move on. The reaos nIt dosent' work out. The reaso nI cant' feel sparks.
for there is more attention and more action i nthis relationship than ours had.. but still i can't stop my feelings for him.

There once was a time.. when I knew I loved him and thougth he really loevd me.. btu then he changed once we ogt here... and they were right.. high school does change us.

without him and withotu us he feels the need to destroy me and take evrything
why won't he stop?
when will hestop?
I have done nothign to him to ge tthis.. i did not cuss at him when I foudn out he was cheating.. I did not fuss with him.. because I respect his mother...
But he wont' leave it alone.. won't leave us alone?
he wont' leave me alone?
mayeb he win when he finally gets what he wants
because I told him I'd love him til the day i died.. and I guess now.. that is true.. </3 :'(

The author's comments:
dont' make fun of me.. had a rough week tryign to get all the drama with this boy out of the way.. this is the only way I know to get this off my chest.

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