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Love Rant

November 3, 2013
By Animatrix SILVER, Welland, Other
Animatrix SILVER, Welland, Other
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"Never give up"

I think that love can't be defined “Ever changing and all consuming” love encompasses all, destroys everything, and rebuilds what's been knocked down so that it's better than ever before. I love many things. I love my parents, my friends, my pets, stories, and even love. I like that love picks you up when your down. It keeps you warm when it's cold outside. And when everything comes crashing down it dares you to hope. Telling you to “Dream a better dream” and make it a reality. Sometimes love can be painful. Knocking the breath out of your chest. It can be a slap in the face or a raincloud threatening to burst on a beautiful day. Love comes with lust, jealousy, pain, embarrassment, and at the best times happiness. A chance to be yourself with someone else while experiencing a rainbow of emotions. I've come to think love is an insuperable part of humanity,of us all.

“I love you” Think about what you mean when you say that word. When you say you love a movie, a sibling, or a person. These are all different types of love, but all precious.

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