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Seeds of Love

December 3, 2008
By Seth Prather SILVER, Independence, Kansas
Seth Prather SILVER, Independence, Kansas
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The seeds of love are often sown into a bleeding heart, in which they should start to bloom into something beautiful, yet they still remain buried in a dormant state and show no sign of change. The time has not come yet for these seeds to nurture and develop into the beauty that they hold within. Do not despair. Patience is instilled within them and will last forever. They are like annuals and will be ever present with each passing year. It may be that nothing will ever develop. Yet even with the knowledge and statement said, both could never demean emotions that are truly felt. Time and understanding are the two essential elements that will provide the water and nutrients to make those special seeds grow, all the while a person’s caring love will be the sun shining upon another’s fragile heart to help them grow and show love’s breathtaking beauty.
At the moment, my heart lies in the twilight of a day that has recently passed and shall so remain until the spark of love turns to love’s inferno once again. I have quit looking for the one who can give me the spark I patiently search for. Right now, it is meaningless. The inferno of love isn’t the climax, however. As love grows greater overtime, the inferno shrinks into a passionately burning coal, that of which will burn forever, and is known by some as true love. My unwavering hope is the one thing that keeps me from falling into the black chaos that resides in the deepest recesses of my heart and mind, I fell into that despairing trap once, but I will never go back. I know that the small shadow of lies that has been cast by many has fallen upon me, but no harm was meant by most of it. Sometimes a person must lie in order to gain the room and time to think about the many paths that lie ahead of he or she. The reasons for casting the deceitful shadows are unknown to me for now, but may present themselves in due course. Those who know what it is I speak of should not worry. Life presents this problem at least once in everyone‘s life. My ire cannot extend its painful and hateful claws towards any one person. My understanding of this whole piece has ground my once-living anger into almost nothingness. My stupidity has also fled when the light of truth shined upon it.
It is true that the troubled past people have had to endure can be seen within their eyes. Eyes are the windows into a person’s soul, and cannot easily deceive. I understand that trust is not to be taken lightly, or for granted, especially when dealing with the very important matters of one’s heart. Know this: I will always and forever be a strong support for anyone. No matter what happens between a friend and I, I will still be there for he or she. Also remember this small aphorism: “Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent.” Yes, it is true that everyone is guilty of something, but do not pity yourself or others, not that I am saying you have or are, but I meant just watch for that possibility. No one can change his or her past, but the future is what a person makes it to be. Try not to live in the past, think of the future. While a person looks behind them to the past, they will trip in the future, and many opportunities will pass by, unnoticed. Past memories will painfully linger for a while, but the pain will eventually fade, all it takes is two things: time and forgiveness. “Forgiveness is mankind’s greatest contribution to the healing of the world.” Basically, in this small section, I am saying be careful, yet do not overdo things. Open your heart and mind to the people around you and see who they are, that way you can tell good advice from false.
My heart, along with everyone else’s, is something that can only be taken away if I, or they, willingly give it, yet can only truly be given to one person. One heart, one person it is meant for. Realizing who that person is can be very difficult. A person cannot expect to fall in love and never cry, it just doesn’t happen that way. The harder the fight for love, the better the ending result. The heart and mind intertwine too often and end up causing the common icy confusion so many suffer from. Feel the truth with the heart, see with the mind using reason, and let love help dissolve the icy confusion that has incased the beating heart within. Maybe then truth will fully show itself. The mind casts doubts, while the heart knows only truth.
The only way to love a person is to realize that that love can be lost at any second. Accidents happen, feelings change, outside forces are conflicts between two people in love. I did not realize this before, but now I understand completely. If I end up losing the girl I care for most to another man, then I could not help but to smile at the happiness of finding the special one who gives her the reason to smile, the reason to rise everyday, the one who puts the burning spark of life into her beautiful eyes. Hate is something that can easily rule a person. I shall not let hate into my heart, but rather see with understanding and compassion. Reason is the bedrock principle in which al knowledge is based upon, yet is flawed by cracks of faith, while true emotions fill in those miniscule cracks.
Now, I must give you, the reader, the greatest gift I can give you at the present: Learn from your mistakes, do not let hate rule your heart, and think things through using the heart and mind. Until the moment that you learn of what you want in life, your life will not be lived to the fullest. I will patiently wait, but I cannot promise myself to wait forever. I must either live now, or stay dead. Sometimes it is better to live life as it comes, and sometimes it is better to plan ahead. The promise of waiting forever will prove false, do not be fooled by others when they say they can wait forever. I instill myself within these words. Yet even this small (yes I must insist that this writing is small) page is not a scratch on the surface of what I am thinking. Too many thoughts, too little time, too complex to understand. Some things cannot be explained in words, but rather felt. Others can be explained, but by ambiguous and figurative ways. Maybe within what I have stated above will answer a question you were looking for, maybe not. But I believe that you, the reader, have learned at least one thing from this. My dream is to be a teacher, yet in life I still have all of it too learn it seems. Ah, but isn’t to know thyself to also know life? I will leave this question unanswered, for some things must be learned on one’s own time, and not answered futilely by another’s ignorance.

The author's comments:
This is written in First Person Point of View, yet I wish to say that it can be read from the position of readers also. Not only does this reflect a deep depression, it sheds light upon a hope to ascend from a darkness. I hope any person who reads this understands what is meant. I cannot tell you what is meant in full. You must learn to think about it for yourself. Good Luck.

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DreamGlider said...
on Sep. 8 2009 at 8:17 am
this is a very insightful piece of work. I feel as though i have delved into your own feelings and emotions. it's overwhelming. your words of encouragement, your ever so gentle hope, and the breeze of comfort your words give me are beyond all comprehension even to myself. thank you

Amarieb said...
on Jan. 3 2009 at 6:39 pm
Oh my gosh. This is genious. I can't even find adequate words to describe how much this creative writing piece afffected me. Wow. This is sheer talent to be able to write with so much wisdom and control about a subject that so many claim to know, but few do. You seem to have an excellent understanding and to not only know it for yourself, but to also try to pass on that knowledge to others, not only takes wisdom, but courage as well. I respect you greatly for this piece and I will continue to read this piece multiple times over again because it means alot to me to hear from someone else what I've always thought all along. Thank you for writing this. I wish you great luck in the future.