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Thrills and kills

December 11, 2009
By Anonymous

Horror movies and action movies, There are some stupidity and predictability. First I was watching H2 (Halloween 2) and the victims were yelling, tripping, screaming, and trying to fight Michel( the serial killer). They act like they want to get killed. Also in H resurrection the murders toke place in his house, That’s like putting Easter with knifes. For the very most in the same genre movies like Orphan. Tells about a little girl named Easter and what happens in witch seems like a 1-2 month period. Switch to action movies I got to see Crank 2. Chev Chellos a pro. Killer is missing his heart, because he its in a old man that seeks immortality. So there was an overweight guy who tries to kill Chev. So when he needs to reload his 44 m, pistol he does not find cover and reload he just sits there and attempts to. I’m really sure that he is going to let you live to shoot at him again. 4 out of 5 movies are mainly predicable. Are the so predicable that its killing my hobby to judge and to enjoy a good or a bad movie. My hatred for a terrible movie pacts to predictable horror movies. There my favorite movie now its hard to find a one to really gets away from the predictable killings. I think everyone wants that. They tried and failed with primal activity, and the Fourth kind. I think there will be a day when horror movies do not fail. I think there will be a day when the actors are smarter. I think there will become cool at least. I think I made my point thanks for listening.

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