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Stay True to Your Tune

February 21, 2012
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I listen to music, I live it, I breathe it. I can play it, sing it, and totally be immersed in it. I can get lost in its haunting melodies, and to me, music has no “genre”, the only way it is separated in my mind is whether it is “good” or “bad”. As a choir, piano, and guitar student I definitely know how music works, how it is written, and how it affects people socially. Many teenagers agree with me and are like me, but where is all the sincerity? Writing is an expression, and what you feel can be channeled into what you write and speak. There are 3 great wisdoms. All can think great ideas but few can portray them. There are some who can speak their ideas, a few who can write their ideas into beautiful stories, and finally there are those who can create their ideas into music. The 3rd knowledge is the most beautiful and coveted among people everywhere. Good music is sung and played on key, great music is felt and understood as well as being enjoyed. The layers of feeling float through the air and vibrate through your body creating a reaction that cannot be matched to any other on this earth. Yet still, there are those who don’t understand what wisdom they possess. Some are disillusioned; others know but do not care to embrace it. I personally am not a great musician, or writer, or even speaker, however I still have ideas, thoughts, and visions that are worth being heard in some way. To have all 3 wisdoms would be a blessing too great to bestow upon one person. Many are cursed with having none of these wisdoms, but they have a gift of interpretation. This is my gift, I can interpret, understand, but I do not respond for I cannot. Only understand, only understand all of the feelings of the melodies and harmonies that flow through me in a choir concert or at a piano recital. If music is written for me, I can interpret and perform the song well. However I cannot write my own, is that not a terrible curse? Not to be able to have anything of my own? I admire those with my curse that still try, try to be heard, seen, or felt but with no effect. Eventually, their insincerity irritates me, chills me to the bone. Ponder what you have, accept it, and culture it to the best of your ability. However, please do not flaunt something you didn’t have to show off in the first place. Stay true one and all, stay true.

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