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Who Thinks They're Beautiful?

September 23, 2011
By livethelifeyouwanttolive BRONZE, North Haven, Connecticut
livethelifeyouwanttolive BRONZE, North Haven, Connecticut
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Who thinks they’re beautiful? If you asked this question, I bet you would see some look around at their friends, but no hands raised. A lot of teens nowadays feel it is so wrong to be proud of something about themselves. If they call themselves beautiful, that may sound conceited. But if they don’t, then that makes them look needy. But if they put themselves down, lift up their friends when they do the same, then they will receive compliments on their looks; therefore, there is an equal but better outcome. Or is it?

So many teens nowadays have low self esteem. Most teens don’t even notice it. Most the esteem issues are due to comparing themselves to their peers and random people around them. I admit, I even do it without noticing it. You sit in class and you look down at your thighs. Then you look at the girl next to you. Hers are much thinner than yours. So you shift your position hoping to make your thighs look a bit more thin. How many people have done this? I know I have. We constantly compare ourselves to the people around us. Scared, because what if someone else notices your “flaws”. 99% of people who do feel insecure, feel this way, due to past insults or words that were said that hurt you. Even if you might not remember the memory.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if we didn’t judge looks. If you were born, and people spoke kind words, and instead of judging on what a person was wearing or how their hair looked, you would get to know them. Who they really are. If everyone spoke kind words to another, and complimented each other, instead of tearing each other down, our world wouldn’t be how it is today. Now, some people may not agree, but just turn on the TV or open a magazine. There are ALWAYS people ranting about a plastic surgeries gone wrong, fashion “no no’s” , and criticism. The Hollywood world glamorizes plastic surgery. Comments go around saying “Her nose is too big.” or “She’s a bit small on top”. And so the person starts to believe it. But why? Let’s look to the past. In one incident, you will either see, someone else making fun of that person, or that person comparing themselves to someone else. But if we all did speak kindly, and were raised to love every bit of ourselves. If we cared for each other and helped each other in good times and bad, people wouldn’t have such low self esteems.

Sadly our world isn’t so nice and kind. But that’s the world, it is not you. Go and find a mirror and look at yourself. Truly, look at yourself. Learn to love yourself, all parts of yourself. And then go, and inspire some else to do the same. Compliment them at all times. Don’t just wait for someone to call themselves “ugly” so you can tell them that they are beautiful. Because we are all beautiful. We just need to help each other along the way, to realize that.

The author's comments:
I have found that beauty is in us from birth. But it is like a seed. We have to feed it and flourish it. We have to be ourselves to show true beauty.

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