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Black Any Other Day

April 27, 2016
By gogurt BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
gogurt BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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It’s Thanksgiving Dinner. The whole family is gathered, eating, talking, and having an overall good time. Seconds later, several people walk out using the same excuse, “Sorry I have to go, the Black Friday deals don’t last forever”.

Everyone sighs, knowing that Thanksgiving Dinner is practically over before it even starts. They rush to their cars, caring more about saving a few bucks than spending time with their family.

The signs scattered everywhere reading, “80% off!” and “Best deals around!” draw people in, secluding them from Thanksgiving festivities. To many people, Black Friday is not just a normal day in the year, but a holiday in itself.

Although some people may argue that shopping can be done online, there is still a large majority that goes to the physical store. Even if the shopping is done online, sitting at the table during Thanksgiving with your head down on your phone is no way to spend your holiday . Thanksgiving should be spent having a good time with family and friends, not ignoring everyone because there is a good deal on Barbie dolls at Walmart.

The New York Times’ article, Black Friday Shopping Shifts Online as Stores See Less Foot Traffic, states that 180 million people visited online websites. That is 180 million people who stayed away from their families when should have been with their families. On top of that, the website, Fashionista, an additional 46 million people went out to physical stores, bringing the total back up to 226 million people. That’s 226 million people that left their families behind for Black Friday.

Black Friday’s date should be changed because it takes us away from what is really important in our lives, our families. Personally, it does not matter what date it is changed to, but as long as it does not interfere with a holiday as huge as Thanksgiving, then any date is fine.

The author's comments:

I was inspired when my family members lost track of what is important and went Black Friday shopping.

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