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Tupac Is Relatable to High School Students

December 21, 2018
By wolftera GOLD, Sacramento, California
wolftera GOLD, Sacramento, California
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High school students should study Tupac because many people can relate to him, knowing that they’re not alone. Tupac hits many topics that high school students can relate to. For example Tupac was bullied, loved poetry, and was reckless. Students in high school face through those topics very frequently. Students learn about poetry in high school and besides all the learning, people are being bullied or being reckless. Which is why high school students should study Tupac because he can relate to teenagers.

 Throughout Tupac’s time in school, he was bullied. The reason was because he was different in a way that seemed unusual to others. Michael Eric Dyson states, “To them he looked funny, like some kind of square reject type.” Dyson is saying that Tupac, to kids, looked weird. But since Tupac could not afford much because he was poor growing up, of course society will hit him. What this means is Tupac’s mom did as much as she could, even though Tupac was bullied.

Tupac’s poetry was different. Michael Eric Dyson states, “He presented an impressive poem that intelligently detailed his love for a girl.” Dyson is saying that one time, Tupac made an amazing poem that was highly detailed about his love for a female. This means that Tupac adds detail, a lot of it, to this poetry, even if it’s about how much he loved a girl. People aren’t always the greatest into adding detail into poetry or even as passionate as Tupac was.

When Tupac uses fearlessness and recklessness, he means to what was exposed to him in his childhood. Michael Eric Dyson states, “The obsession with death has to do with the relentless murder and mayhem to which youth are exposed.” Dyson is saying that the reason why people murder is because it was exposed to them when they were young. It means whatever is shown to you while you were young, you follow into it. That problem is very common in majority of people’s lives as well.

Since Tupac hits many topics that high school students can relate to like being bullied, liking poetry, or being reckless, I believe that they should study Tupac. Not only does he hit three topics, but he hits more than that and I am sure that students will be very interested in him.  Everybody’s at war with different things. I’m at war with my own heart sometimes. – Tupac Shakur

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