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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Board Members:

The basketball game on Friday night showed the character of your school. Surprisingly, the lack of character didn’t come from you athletes. It came from your students. The cheers were flamboyant and uncalled for. The one which sticks in mind is the chant: “Hey number 35, you take up the whole lane.” I was surprised and embarrassed for your school.

I understand the schisms between different schools. I was an athlete. I know there are rivalries. There’s no harm in that. It makes the games mean more. And most chants are friendly. But, what I heard during the thirty-two minute game still shocks me. There is no reason for the entire stand to call out and victimize one athlete. The chants were likely invoked by an ostentatious student. Usually, the attitude in the gym is jaunty. However, I have never wanted a game to end so fast. My main concern was how the players being ridiculed felt. These girls are out here to compete. It should be a friendly competition. They shouldn’t have a timorous feeling about the opposing fans. That is when something is wrong. I’m not a fractious person. Things bother me when it’s mentally damaging. This was.

You as a school need to check your student section. And expunge the hurtful chants. They are not needed. They can chant, but not personally victimizing chants. Your gym should feel like a utopia to play in. Now schools and coaches are talking about your unruly students. This not only reflects badly on you students— but your entire school. They were not asked once to stop the chants. There is no discipline what-so-ever.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter. I hope you seriously consider all the contents included. If you would like to reach me for any reason, you can reach me at the address above.

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