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Middle School Sports

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Now I know middle school have track and basketball teams but give kids what they really want, football and baseball! That’s what kids really want to play and there can be benefits to the school too. Do you really want us kids to suffer through three years of middle school to be able to play sports in high school?

Sports teams like football and baseball can keep kids in line. Kids really want to play football so put a grade point average in order to play and they will keep their grades up. Kids don’t have anything encouraging them to keep their grades up (besides collage) and getting a job that can help pay for their house and family when they grow up.

More teams can also make the school more money. Sure it cost money to have teams and buy all the gear for all the players but what if the school that makes it through the playoffs and wins the superbowl gets money for their school. Like 1,000 dollars for new books or special events like field trips, dances and other important school things. Just think about it if your school gets known for your sport team more kids will want to come to your school and teachers know during that special month the more kids that are at your school the more money the school gets paid. Now if the school gets paid extra money some of that can go to the wonderful teachers that put up with kids five day a week.

You know what else football will do for the kids? It will give them a chance to meet other people, give them a chance to make new friends with different people from around their state. Maybe if they are the winners of their state they could travel around the country to play teams and be on television. What kid doesn’t want to be on television for sports when they’re in middle school? I’ll tell you…NONE. That could also make the school a lot of money.

Sports teams will also make kids want to go to school. Going to school is like going to the library and reading for seven hours….BORING. Now if schools had more sports teams it would make school more fun because it gives kids something to look forward to for after school.

These are only some of the many reasons why middle schools should have a wider variety of sports teams. Unless you just want us kids to suffer with just basketball and track. Instead of football and baseball.

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