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Is it worth it?

April 23, 2010
By Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
Thinker PLATINUM, Na, Connecticut
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If we know, money is just numbers, paper and metal; we can see the pain it causes people. Then why do we try so hard to obtain it, why do we worry about it, why do we even give consideration to the stuff at all? Why can’t trading and favors be the mainstay of our economy, why cannot we agree to help a person who will help us? Is it the fact that money allows us to conduct business with those whom we would otherwise not be willing to cooperate? Is it because then each of our wares and services would need to be valuable and useful to all, not just the whim of some? Why can’t time replace money, eight hours of work gets eight hours of work. Why, for example can’t we work for a set time and in trade they agree to take care of certain needs, you would work for person whom needs your help and in return, you get shelter, food, water, and necessities. If they do not treat you to your standards then you move on, or find your own method of services and goods to trade. What is wrong with capitalism without money, you still are working for your own good and trying to do the best that you can, the only difference is that your time would be the thing of value, not your numbers, paper, and metal. I only wonder this and only hope to see what the world might be like if we simply kept the same system, aside from the idea of money.

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