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Music Therapy

March 4, 2011
By karstarr13 BRONZE, Swansea, South Carolina
karstarr13 BRONZE, Swansea, South Carolina
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Do you ever notice that when you tend to be overwhelmed or stressed to no end by the daily distractions around you that by just simply listening to your favorite music will instantly calm you down? Whether it be the new Norah Jones cd, maybe some Adele, or maybe you like to listen to the hardcore music to release your tensions such as Slipknot, or Disturbed? No matter what your music fix may be, it all chemically effects your psyche. Music is the worlds most known, yet naive most effective form of medicine. Sure you can argue that natural herbs, and spices can calm your mind. Which they can, although music can do just the same thing. Not only can music help your emotions stay aligned, studies have shown that certain types of music can help with people who have ADD, Bi-Polar disorder, and even Cancer. Hospitals have found that music has tremendously helped with the pain in their patients. Music has shown to help divert depression, aggrandize physical movement ,and over all calm the patients. How can MUSIC do this of all things you ask? Well... that my friend is simple. Music Therapy is the key.

Studies have shown that music with a stronger and more fast beat can enliven brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat of the music. Because of the faster, and more prominent beat, this allows the listeners thinking to become more alert and perceptive. Where a more slower tempo advocates a calm, almost meditative state of mind. Research has found that the change in brainwave activity levels from the music being listened to can cause your brain to shift speeds more easily, causing you to think more effectively, and in the end making you have a sharper memory even after the music is done. Not only can music mentally help you, but with music therapy it can help you if you have high blood pressure, or any heart problem for that matter. Listening yo calmer music can help reduce a fast paced heart rate. It can calm it down, and greatly promote not only relaxation but health. Music can also be used to present a greater positive mentality, helping to keep negative state of minds, and energy at a lower state than before. This can help prevent the stress response your body naturally has on ones self from wreaking the havoc on the body, and can help your creativity levels, and also your optimism levels.

In conclusion, knowing music is an effective stress reliever and relaxer you can do music therapy on your own . No need to go to a professional, although... it may be more effective. All you have to do is sit down in a quiet area where there is no one but you. Put your head phones in, close your eyes, and let the melodic paradise sweep you away.

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I find this subject very intriguing, so I wrote about it :) I hope you enjoy it

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