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Love Life and the Persuit of Justice

August 30, 2011
By SKCsuperfan BRONZE, Swisher, Iowa
SKCsuperfan BRONZE, Swisher, Iowa
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In this land of opportunity, we have always been taught to dream, reach for the stars and always be ourselves. America was built on the very idea of freedom that we have failed to stand behind. Out of all the things wrong with our society today, we have decided to dictate very personal parts of people’s lives. Same sex marriage should not have to be legalized, it should be legal already. It is shameful that our wonderful nation has failed the single principle it stands on. Examining the effects it will have on other people, the benefits of being married, and the failed lessons we have taught, you will come to realize same sex marriage should be legal for our people of our great nation.

The idea of same sex marriage frightens some people and the very idea brings rage to others. The fighting words some use to defend their sides are those we hear over and over again. How hurt must those be that they are offending. Even though gay and homosexual individuals are being hurt, bullied and hated, they do nothing to punish heterosexuals in return. The mere fact that they could marry the person they love would do nothing to harm anyone around them. Marriage would bring joy to those who all their lives have been afflicted with defeat. Why not grant them one thing that could make being themselves easier?

With same sex marriage illegal, we are preventing homosexuals the lifestyle married heterosexuals so take for granted. Tax, insurance, death and family benefits are a few of those that becoming married entail. Aside from those is the idea that you have one person you can spend the rest of your life with. One person that will always love you and one person to share everything with. Our society would never take that away from a man and a woman. There is not a great difference between the two except the gender you were born.

From a very young age, our parents have always taught us to be unique. Although at some point we may have challenged that and tried to be like someone else, the idea remains true. You are created to be yourself yet our laws are prohibiting certain people from doing so based on who they love. Our government determines how the rest of our country sees things. There will always be those people that can not accept homosexuals but if our country made the first step in accepting them by legalizing marriage, the country would eventually follow. With our attitudes and prejudices, we are keeping people from being themselves.

In conclusion, I have one final question. How is this different from any other injustice our country has overcome? We are one great nation. America, the land of the free, needs to stand behind everything it was created upon. Give freedom to those who deserve and justice to those that yearn. Same sex marriage needs to be legalized in our country. America should grant the right to be married between two men or two women. This will be a step toward the even greater nation we can become.

The author's comments:
My aunt is homosexual and I love her. It pains me to hear anyone say anything bad about homosexuals because it hits home. There is always something we can do and this is my way.

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