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True to Yourself?

June 5, 2012
By Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
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Is this how it is going to end? How we are going to finish what we started? Do we care what other people think? Is that why we gave up caring? People seem to be soo judgemental. They don't seem to care about how other people feel anymore. The dress up to look like barbie dolls when really they are only dressing up to make themselfs feel better. We are taught to be ouselfs by our parents but sometimes we look at others and think being true to ourselfs means that we have to fit in. We let others defy how we act and dress when really we hate what we do. We usually do not notice what we are doing until all those years past and it is too late. We can't change who we were but we can change the way we let others defy themselfs. This is how we change. How we help others and how we set a new deffinition of style and being yourself.So are you ready to change?

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