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A poem about sexual harassment

August 9, 2018
By SassyMuffin BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
SassyMuffin BRONZE, Stockholm, Other
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Girls are meant to be pretty

Boys are meant to be wild

No matter what, girls reaction have to be mild.

Uncomfortable clothes, bleeding and pain

Yet after rape, groping and sexual harassment girls have to be sane.

Nothing is ever done, everything always remained

Nothing is ever done to stop the act, nobody is ever refrained.

The empty souls of the hurt women left behind

All that is left is skin and bones, there is no peace and mind.

What are we doing to help these girls,

Except to bring them attention?

Why is all we do sit and watch,

While we say we try and make a connection?

Girls are called sl*ts and wh*res for explaining what really happened,

Yet all we do is sit and watch and act as if we have been maddened.

We say that girls wanted it,

But did you ever even ask?

While commiting the horrid act, while commiting the terrible task?

Did you ever ask for her permission, did she ever say that she was okay?

Or is that something that you just never heard her say?

She was left with a shame that could never be washed away,

A disease that sticks like poison or dismay.

We let this act keep happening, we leave the girls with fear

We let them talk about what happened, and pretend that we can hear.

We do nothing but look, we turn the other cheek,

Pretend it never happened, an answer we will never seek.

We make excuses through the clothes the girl was wearing,

But for the rest of her life, guilt she always will be bearing.

We blame the person who actually is the victim,

Making it seem like she could have kicked him.

She could have defended herself, prevented the attack.

We say that she could have fought back.  

But what actually happened was that she was pinned to the ground,

Not able to lift a finger by the time she was found.

But the truth of the matter is that it is and always will be the attackers fault.

And the spectators to blame, we could have put the attack to a halt.  

We could have done something to stop the horrible act,

Which is sadly the truth of the fact.

The truth of the matter which is so hard to face

But is it so hard to give women their own space?

The author's comments:

This is a poem that we wrote in class. We hope you enjoy, and inspires many to help others. 

Made by: 

-Mika and Livia- 

-Sassy Muffin and The Limp Noodle-

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