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Six Feet Under

April 9, 2009
By Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
Geisbengals GOLD, West Jefferson, Ohio
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The wind breezes by softly and calm
The only words are carved in stone
Passing animals are your only
Six feet under and no way to cointact anyone else:
Just lost feelings of hope and

Not having to worry anymore
Cold, chilling, and damp,
Your bones may never move agian,
Worms are you only friends now,
as they chew away at your rotting
You listen as the lone wolf lets
out a mournful howl,
At the month;y full moon in hope
for a mate:
Does anyone miss you,
Do they even shed a tear for you,
Now that you're doomed to rest


The author's comments:
P{eople are always that the only thing you should fear is death. Why should you be afraid of something that you know is coming sooner or later in your life. I feel that you shouldn't be afraid because no matter how you're dying, during the last five minutes of your life you'll be begging for it back

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on Apr. 22 2010 at 9:58 am
BiancaMarie SILVER, Colchester, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
better loved then lost then never to have loved at all

this is rele good! evenn thoughh that is myy one biggest fear. its stilll ahmazingg. andd youu have a good point....COMMETN MINE?? (: